Secret Facts about Disney That Will Amaze You!

Since the company’s founding in 1923, Disney has become one of the largest media and entertainment companies in the world. Disney is a major leader in both movies and television, where it competes with other major media conglomerates such as WarnerMedia, NBCUniversal, Sony Entertainment, and Netflix. It is the world’s largest independent media conglomerate, with annual revenues of $55.6 billion in 2018.

Disney operates various international TV and film studios, cable channels, internet properties, and amusement parks around the world. Disney owns more than 240 channels and operates over 160 theme parks.

Disney has been around for more than 90 years now and has grown quite a lot from its humble beginnings as a small animation studio.

Fascinating Facts about Disney

1 The ears of Mickey Mouse never lose their round shape even when observed from the side.

2 Before Disney settled on the name Hannah Montana for the widely successful show, they considered Alexis Texas. Today, “Alexis Texas” is a hugely famous name in the adult industry.

3 It would take you approximately 70 years to spend one night in each hotel room at Disney World.

4 The last thing that Walt Disney wrote wasn’t the famous actor Kurt Russell’s name (he spelt “Kurt” as “Kirt”), but rather, “CIA – Mobley.” He was jotting down names of actors he considered suitable for the TV show Way Down Cellar.

5 The first and only Donald Duck film to win an Academy Award for Best Animated Short Film portrayed a Nazi character. It’s called Der Fuehrer’s Face, in case you want to check it out.

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6 Disney World is roughly the same size as Tampa, Florida. It covers a whopping 27,258 acres.

7 Tom & Jerry isn’t a Disney creation. It was created in 1940 by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera.

8 Initially, Sean Connery was considered for the part of Mufasa in The Lion King and Eddie Murphy was considered for Timon.

9 For our creepypasta lovers, there are two abandoned Disney Parks. Discovery Island closed in 1999 and River Country closed in 2001. No one knows why these parks were closed.

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10 Goofy once had a ‘humanlike’ wife in the 50’s who had five fingers instead of four, as is the case with Goofy.

11. Disney has been extensively triumphant in creating memorable character names. However, did you know some of them got two or more names before settling on their current names? For example, Tom & Jerry was set to be named Jasper & Jinx. In fact, Tom is actually called “Jasper” in the first show. Goofy was initially called “Dippy Dawg,” and then “George Geef” before settling with Goofy, while Mickey Mouse was initially referred to as “Mortimer Mouse”. Intriguing!

Top 10 BEST Walt Disney World Secrets

Today, we’re taking a look behind the scenes at Walt Disney World, sharing some interesting Disney Park history & facts about the Disney World theme parks and counting down the Top 10 best Walt Disney World Secrets and facts from Cinderella Castle, to Disney trash to secrets about the underground Disney tunnels (Utilidors) at the Magic Kingdom!

The Walt Disney World resort is home to four theme parks, Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, Disney Hollywood Studios and Epcot. Walt Disney World is a world unlike any; its a Magical place as soon as you walk into a Disney Park.To make the Disney Park experience so perfect and magical there’s some things that go on behind the scenes that you wouldn’t necessarily think, kind of like hidden secrets.

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There’s many details and facts that the average Disney guest wouldn’t catch onto, which is a good thing since Disney probably prefers that these things as seamless as possible to create the most immersive experience for the guest

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