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Incredible Facts About Dog’s Paws

Facts about Dog Paws

We love dogs, don’t you? So here is our list of incredible dog paw facts. You may not think much about them, but they are very important for your pup! For instance, when dogs get stressed out, they tend to lick or chew on their paws.

Dogs that like to swim risk softening their paw pads and tearing them more easily. And just like their human friends, dogs can get burns and blisters on their paws! Ouch! So be careful in extremely cold or hot weather, as well as around chemicals like rock salt.

Fun Facts about Dog’s Paws

1 Hare Feet!

Some dogs have “hare feet,” which are feet with a longer middle toe.

2 Cat Feet?

Some dogs have “cat feet,” meaning they have a third digital bone, which is shorter.

3 Stretch Those Toes!

The Newfoundland breed has the longest doggy toes, followed by the Labrador Retriever.

4 Double Digits

Some breeds, like the Beauceron, have double dewclaws.

5 The Dewclaw Digit

A dog’s dewclaws are sort of like thumbs on a human.

6 Sweaty Palms – Er, Paws

The paws have an inner skin layer that contains sweat glands – gross!

7 Warm and Cozy

A dog’s paw pads have a layer of fat for extra protection and warmth.

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8 A Car Analogy

The digital and metacarpal pads are to a dog as the shock absorbers are to a car.

9 Five Parts to Paws

They are the claws, digital pads, metacarpal pad, dewclaw, and carpal pad.

10 These Old Bones

Dogs have 319 bones, many of which are located in or near the paws.

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11 Dogs Paws can smell like Fritos?

If you think that your dog’s feet smell like corn chips, you might be right. These are often referred to as “Frito feet!” And apparently most dogs like to have their feet massaged because it improves circulation! The name “paw” is probably derived from the Old French word for “shoe” or “clog.”

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