Depressing Facts about Drugs That Will SHOCK You!

Facts about Drugs

Here are 10 mind-bending facts about drugs that will leave your jaw on the ground:

Facts about Drugs

1 Sadly, 1.4 million people are arrested for drunk driving in the U.S. every year.

2 Shockingly, alcohol kills more teenagers than all the other drugs combined.

3 Over 200,000 students in the U.S. have lost federal financial aid eligibility due to a drug conviction.

4 At least 4% of young adults aged 15 to 24 in Europe have taken LSD.

5 Heroin accounts for 18% of hospital admissions in the United States.

6 The United States spends approximately $51 billion on the war against drugs every year.

7 An estimated 93% of the world’s opium (the raw material for making heroin) supply comes from Afghanistan.

8 Methamphetamine (crystal meth) is also known by the street names “cinnamon,” “getgo,” “blade,” “yaba,” “redneck cocaine,” and, “hot ice”.

9 2,500 youth abuse prescription pain relievers for the first time in the U.S. daily.

10 Someone dies every 19 minutes around the world due to a drug overdose.

11 Alcohol abuse is one of the leading causes of accidents, homicides and suicides among people aged 15 to 24. In Europe alone, 4% of the population is dependent on alcohol, which contributes to nearly 10% of all cases of illness and untimely deaths each year.

12 The U.S. Department of Justice also conducted a study and found that 40% of all aggressive crimes occur under the influence of alcohol.

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