Facts about English Language You Didn’t Learn in School!

Facts about English Language

The English language is perhaps the greatest language in the world in terms of size and usability. With over 615,000 word entries in the Oxford English dictionary and spoken in 79 countries, it is no wonder why English is considered the universal language. As the universal language, here are 10 interesting snippets of facts about English language that you might not have known.

Facts about English Language You Didn’t Learn in School!

1 There are no words that rhyme with silver, orange, month and purple.

2 There is something special about the sentence “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.” It is called a pangram which uses all letters in the English language.

3 The shortest and complete sentence in the English language is “I am.”

4 The first English dictionary was printed in 1755. It was written by Samuel Johnson.

5 The English language has the richest vocabulary compared to any other language. Some dictionaries claim to have a quarter of a million distinct and active words in the English language.

6 One in six people in the world understand and speak the English language.

7 The letter Q is also the least used letter in the alphabet.

8 The word“queue” is the only word in the English dictionary that is pronounced like a single letter – Q!

9 Do you know that the longest word in the English language is pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis? Whew! This word is 45 letters long and it refers to a lung disease caused by silica dust.

10 The word “pronunciation” is the most mispronounced in the English language.

11 The English language is the most dynamic of all languages as it is continually growing each day. It has a rich history. In fact, more words have been added in the English language since the boom of Internet technology. Examples of these words include e-mail, tweet, twerk, bootylicious, and online.

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