Fun Facts about Family Guy

A favorite TV show, Family Guy is one of the most popular adult-oriented cartoons to date. It is based in Rhode Island, from Seth MacFarlane’s school days. Here are some interesting things you may not know about the show. For instance, Stewie’s voice is based off of Rex Harrison, and he’s probably gay.

The show also references loads of pop culture factoids from the past, such as “99 Red Balloons” and 1940s suspense thrillers. Speaking of thrill, Seth MacFarlane decided that Brian would die in the show in order to teach his viewers a lesson about death and loss. Keep reading for more tidbits!

Fun Family Guy Facts

1 Blondies

Lois was supposed to be blonde, but only Chris became blond in the show.

2 “It’s A Trap”

This Family Guy episode featured a cameo appearance from Futurama’s Bender.

3 A Dark Focus

Seth MacFarlane’s original vision of Family Guy was to focus on death.

4 A Long Gestation Period

The character of Bonnie Swanson was preggo for a whopping 116 episodes!

5 A Captive Audience

Back in 1999, the first Family Guy episode premiered after the Super Bowl.

6 Seth MacFarlane Paid Tribute

The opening sequence of Family Guy is a dedication to All in the Family.

7 A Winning Show

The show received an Emmy nod in 2009, the first animated show since The Flintstones.

8 No Watching Allowed

Family Guy is banned in many Asian countries, such as Indonesia and Vietnam.

9 Identical Voices

If Buffalo Bill (Silence of the Lambs) and Chris sound similar, that’s because the former inspired the latter.

10 The Show Came From a Mixture of Sources

It’s a combo of inspiration from The Life of Larry, as well as Larry & Steve.

11 What’s Your Favorite Episode

If the Family Guy episode “Road to the Multiverse” is your favorite, you’re just like Seth MacFarlane!

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He really didn’t like “Fore Father” though. Another episode, “Death Has a Shadow” was the pilot episode shown on FOX and garnered over 22 million viewers

Family Guy Funny Moments for 30 minutes

Quite simply, these are the best and funniest family guy moments. 30 minutes of funny moments. Over 2 million people have watched this – really hilarious!

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