The Most Fascinating Facts About Foxes

We all know that foxes are wily, they are red, and have a dog-like face. A lot of you may also know that a male fox is called a dog, the female a vixen, and the baby a cub. But, few of you know that they are wild animals native to Britain. So, here are 10 more fascinating facts about foxes that you never learned in school!

Facts about Foxes

1 When raising a fox litter, vixens are commonly helped by a non-breeding female from a previous litter, which also helps these non-breeding female to gain knowledge for rearing their future young.

2 The diet of foxes is varied from spiders, worms, berries and even jam sandwiches!

3 The wily fox makes use of the earth’s magnetic field to hunt their prey.

4 A fox’s pupil is vertical, just like a cat’s, to help them see at night.

5 In North America, Grey foxes are the only type of dog who can climb a tree.

6 To help foxes navigate, they have whiskers on their face and legs.

7 Foxes are capable of retracting their claws, just like cats do.

8 Foxes do not chew their food, but use their shearing or carnassial teeth to cut meat in chunks.

9 Although foxes are within the canine family, they are more similar to cats.

10 The home of the fox is referred to as earth or a den.

As we already know, foxes are a relative of dogs, but they are not pack animals. However, when raising their young, they live in small families known as ‘a skulk of foxes’ or ‘a leash of foxes’,’ especially when they are in underground burrows. Aside from that, scent markings are also a way of communication among foxes as well as a variety of sound.

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