Weird and Crazy Facts About Germany You Never Knew

Facts about Germany

Germany gives the impression of being uptight. But just like any other country, it has its own interesting yet weird and crazy culture that will surprise any tourist.

Weird Facts about Germany Most People Don’t Know

1 The infamous Oktoberfest actually starts in September and not, well, October.

2 The tasty and chewy Gummy Bears were invented by a German.

3 The German language is not only spoken in Germany, but also in countries like Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, Northern Italy, and Liechtenstein.

4 Germany has 300 kinds of breads and there are many bread museums all over the country.

5 Chancellor Angela Merkel has a Barbie doll fashioned after her.

6 Germans love beer so much that Bavaria considers it as a staple food. Moreover, Germans are also the second largest consumer of beer next to the Irish.

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7 Germans are avid recyclers. 48% of their wastes are recycled.

8 Prostitution is legal in Germany. In the city of Boon, for instance, there are vending machines in the road where prostitutes can “buy tickets” in order to work. Without the ticket, they can be fined or arrested by the police. Moreover, the government also pays for sex for its disabled residents. Prostitution is not only legal, but it is also part of the welfare check of the country.

9 The government has the right to reject weird baby names. Based on the German law, the gender of a person is his first name so you cannot name your son Mari or your daughter Joey in Germany.

10 You can drink alcohol in public without serving any jail time. Yes, drinking alcohol in public is legal in Germany. In fact, teens as early as 14 years old can chuck beer out in the open as long as they are accompanied by their parents or guardians.

11 Germany is an interesting country not only for its culture, tradition and language but also for its sights. It has more than 150 castles and 600 beer Gardens that you can visit. However, just make sure that you don’t arrive there on a Sunday because every shop in Germany is closed during that day.

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Video: OKTOBERFEST as explained by a Munich Native!

This is a great overview video from German Girl (YouTube Channel). She is a Munich native who grew up going to Oktoberfest every year and wants to share her wealth of knowledge.So here is everything you need to know about it – background information, insider knowledge, and an Oktoberfest Guide with hands-on tips and DOs and DON’Ts for those of you who plan on visiting Oktoberfest next year.