10 Amazing Facts about Golden Retrievers

Facts About Golden Retrievers

We’re going to talk about the 3rd most popular dog breed in the United States. Yes, that’s right; we are talking about the lovely Golden Retriever. First bred in Scotland in the 1800s by a reputable Lord Tweedmouth, Golden Retrievers are cute, cuddly, and oh so beautiful.

So we are going to celebrate this dog breed with our list of 10 amazing facts about Golden Retrievers. The perfect medium-sized dog, Goldies are a mixture between Wavy-Coated Retrievers and English Water Spaniels. Let’s learn more about these lovable and loving doggies. Be sure to read on for an excellent list about these pups!

Golden Retrievers – Fun Facts

1 Agile Athletes

Golden Retrievers make great competitors in agility dog competitions.

2 A Versatile Breed

Golden Retrievers are used as therapy dogs, hunting dogs, and track and sniff dogs.

3 A Golden Retriever’s Lifespan

These dogs live about 10 to 15 years (or 91 dog years.)

4 Run, Run, Run!

Golden Retriever owners need a large yard so the dog can run and play.

5 Goldies Aren’t Guard Dogs

Due to their friendly demeanor, this dog breed doesn’t make a good guard dog.

6 They’re Strong Swimmers

Don’t be surprised if your Golden Retriever jumps into the pool!

7 The Ideal Family Dog

This dog breed is great with families, kids, and the elderly.

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8 Super Shedders

Pet owners take note: Golden Retrievers shed a lot of hair.

9 Top of the Class

This dog breed is among the top 4 most intelligent dog breeds ever.

10 Gentle Giants

Golden Retrievers were bred to have soft mouths so they could retrieve fragile objects.

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11 They are sensitive

Let’s keep going with more bonus tidbits about Golden Retrievers. These dogs are extremely sensitive and seem to feel their owner’s emotions. They also get separation anxiety, so don’t go away for too long!

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Learn why everyone loves Golden retrievers and why they make great pets!