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10 Fun Facts about Harvard University You Never Knew

Harvard University Facts

Harvard is one of the most esteemed colleges on the list of Ivy League schools. Its longstanding tradition of academic excellence has created a long list of noteworthy alumni. Some may not know much about the school, though.

Fun Facts about Harvard University

1 There are more than 360,000 living Harvard alumni spread all across the world.

2 One of the most selective universities in the country, only 6% of applicants are admitted into Harvard.

3 Average starting salary for Harvard graduates is $60,000.

4 Eight United States Presidents graduated from Harvard – John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, George W. Bush, Rutherford Hayes, and of course, Barack Obama.

5. Harvard students have created a cancer vaccine implemented into the body through extremely tiny gel disks with antigens designed to reprogram the body to attack malignant tumors. It’s the first implant of any kind to successfully eliminate tumors in mammals. An additional fact is that, since 1970, Harvard has banned commercial filming on campus.

6 In 2013, Harvard’s financial aid increased to a record total of $182 million.

7 The school was founded in 1636 and was the United States‘ first university.

8 Eight of Harvard’s alumni had their signatures on the Declaration of Independence.

9 Harvard was teaching students before calculus had even been invented.

10 38% of Harvard students are atheist or agnostic in their religious beliefs.

11. Founder John Harvard donated his entire library collection of 400 books as well as half of his estate to the university.

What’s Inside Harvard University? | Harvard Campus Tour

This video is an excellent tour of the Harvard Campus – definitely worth checking out. Harvard is the oldest university in US and the best university in the world. Harvard is an Ivy League located in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It’s actually within bike-able distance to MIT! The campus of the university is elegant and full of history.

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