Fun Facts About Horses That’ll Probably Amaze You

Are you a horse lover? Then you are going to love our list of 10 Fun Facts About Horses That’ll Probably Amaze You! It is no secret that horses are elegant, graceful, beautiful, and powerful…now let’s learn even more about their place in history. It turns out that horses have been hanging around with humans for thousands of years!

They are even mentioned in ancient literature. So sit back and bask in these wonderful horse facts that will really blow you away! Whether you live on a farm or not, you are going to find these animals to be extremely intriguing.

Fascinating Facts about Horses

1 Horses Get Bad Hair Days, Too

The gorgeous mane on a wild horse often gets tangled and knotted from roaming around in all sorts of weather, such as wind and rain.

2 The One and Only

The only wild horse breed to never have been domesticated is the Przewalski horse, which was last seen in 1968 in Mongolia!

3 Horses Aren’t Good Father Figures

At least, not compared to humans, since male horses tend to kick foals out of the group in order to find a female mate.

4 Know Your Horse Vocabulary!

The male is a stallion (who leads the group), while the females are mares and the younger horses are called foals or colts.

5 They Are Family

Horses are social creatures, and are rarely found alone; they prefer to roam around in groups of up to 20.

6 European Cousins

The wild horses that roam free in North America are descended from the European horses that came to America about 400 years ago!

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7 Only One Domesticated Species

As it turns out, there is only one species of horse that is domesticated, but various breeds have appeared for just as many jobs (pulling, transport, etc.)

8 Horses are Great Fighters

Yes, horses used to make great sidekicks in war, when many soldiers would fight their enemies while riding on horseback.

9 Horses are Honorable

There are many cultures across the globe that highly value these equestrian mammals, giving them a place of honor in history.

10 Horses Have Been Domesticated for Thousands of Years

They were probably first domesticated by nomadic cultures and tribes 4,000 years back before being used more widely in other societies.

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Video: More Horse Facts

Some of our readers like videos better, so enjoy this video – even more fun things to learn about horses.

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