10 Essential Husky Facts That You Might Need One Day

Facts about Huskies

Oh! Who doesn’t love an adorable doggy! The Siberian husky is a favorite among many people for its cool multi-colored eyes. Its fluffy coat of fur and it is associated with cold weather and dog-sledding.

Whether you have to answer a husky-related question at trivia night, or you decide to adopt one of these cuties yourself. Enjoy these fun tidbits! After all, they do say that dogs are a man’s best friend. Read on to get acquainted with the husky!

Essential Facts about Huskies

1 Huskies are More Likely to Get Some Diseases

Common husky ailments include cataracts, degenerative myelopathy, and hip dysplasia.

2 Huskies Have Primal Tendencies

One example of this is the “alpha dog” dynamic, so owners must be sure to establish dominance.

3 Despite Their Size, They’re Quite Gentle

These big teddy bears do love to cuddle and give kisses!

4 Huskies Should Be Leashed

If huskies could be criminals, they would be escape artists because they love to run and run!

5 Huskies can Make do in Small Spaces

Yet you have to be sure to get that husky up and moving with walks to the park, jogs, and tug of war!

6 Huskies Shed a Lot

The summer and fall are when huskies will shed most of their hair, so be prepared for fur balls around your house.

7 Huskies Love to Play Chase

Watch out for small children, squirrels, and moving vehicles, because huskies will chase anything they set their eyes on.

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8 Huskies are Abounding in Energy

This is definitely a dog breed that has energy to spare, so they require lots of exercise and activity.

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9 Digging is a Natural Instinct for Huskies

Since these dogs live in cold environments, they dig in a way to burrow themselves into a warm hole.

10 Huskies Love to Dig!

Husky owners need to make sure that they have strong fences, because huskies are natural-born diggers!

11 Huskies Came to Alaska during the Gold Rush

Siberian huskies came to Alaska during the Gold Rush, and from Alaska they spread into Canada and across the United States of America. They were also known as “short-faced wolves.” And their fur coats are due to admixture, when two breeds interbreed. Huskies are also the surviving relative of the extinct Taymyr wolf.

Everything you NEED to know BEFORE Owning a Husky!!

Owning a husky takes a lot of work know everything first before owning one.

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