Heart-Warming Facts about Jack Russell Terriers to Make You Want One

Dogs are a man’s best friend! Every dog-owner will agree with this, especially those who have Jack Russell terriers as pets. Jack Russell terriers are a small breed of dog with an athletic, tough, and super friendly quality about them. These energetic dogs were bred in the past to be a working dog in the hunting grounds, making them highly sought-after in the early 19th century. Jack Russell terriers love attention from their owners and thrive on making them happy by completing tasks. These dogs need a lot of exercise due to their hunting instinct and are quite vocal.

Here Are Some Amazing Facts about Jack Russell Terriers

If you would like to read more fun facts about Jack Russell terriers or want to know if this dog would be suitable for you, then keep on reading this article.

1. Jack Russell terriers originally had a different colored coat

Jack Russell terriers originally had a brown fur coat. Hunters wanted to differentiate between the terriers and the game when they were hunting. Therefore, they used strategic breeding to make sure that the coat of the dog was white and easy to spot. Jack Russell terriers may be white, white with tan markings, or white with black and tan markings.

Jack Russell terriers now come with two kinds of coats: broken and smooth. Both of these types have a double coat and a rough texture. The broken coat has long fur with a hint of a beard and eyebrows. Some Jack Russell terriers have a rougher and longer coat as well but no dogs from this breed have curly or wavy fur.

2. Jack Russell terriers have an interesting breeding story

In the early 19th century in the south of England, hunting was an exciting pastime for wealthy men and men from the church. Reverend John Russell, nicknamed “Jack”, wanted an effective hunting dog who could flush out the game. For this reason, Parson John Russell bred the perfect dog according to his needs.

The dog bred by John Russell was bold and athletic with a lovable personality. It had an intelligence, quickness, and an intense desire to hunt. Present-day Jack Russell terriers have the same level of boundless energy and an intense love for exercise and play.

3. Jack Russell terriers have high endurance

Jack Russell terriers may be smaller in size, but they have a high endurance. These terriers can jump up over five feet and will try to jump up on people and things. Jack Russell terriers have a strong prey drive and will run off after small animals and chase them. Jack Russel terriers also enjoy a lot of play time outdoors and can be a great companion for jogging.

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A Jack Russell terrier sitting on top of hay

4. Jack Russell terriers have a small size

Jack Russell terriers have boundless energy and a great hunting drive, but they are considerably small in size. A Jack Russell terrier may have small legs of about 10 to 12 inches. A much more developed breed is called the Parson Russell terrier which has longer legs of about 12 to 15 inches. This breed was developed after Reverend Russell’s death and its legs lend the added advantage of navigating hilly areas with ease. The Parson Russell terrier has a square body while the Jack Russell terrier has a more rectangular body shape.

5. These terriers have high levels of energy

Jack Russell terriers have high levels of energy and need plenty of play and activities to keep them entertained. Homes with a large, fenced area serve best for these terriers as they have a natural urge to explore their surroundings and dig. Jack Russell terriers have been known to wander off for hunting and may meander off to different underground dens or basements. If Jack Russell terriers are kept inside, they must be walked regularly in order to have them expend the extra bouts of energy.

6. Jack Russell terriers are hunting dogs thorough and thorough

The personality of Jack Russell terriers makes them an unlikely fit for all kinds of dog owners. Their hunting instinct can mellow a little bit, but it cannot be trained out of the breed. Most Jack Russell terriers will find getting along with the family hamster or cat to be difficult and are likely to see them as prey.

A Jack Russell terrier standing in the grass

Two Jack Russell terriers should never be left alone. Although they might go along well for a while, even a fight over a chew toy can cause both dogs to get into their hunting instincts and ensure a deadly combat. Most pet owners who have two or multiple Jack Russell terriers keep them apart when they leave the house. If they are trained at a young age to get along with other animals, they may be able to have a good relationship with other animals but it is always good for a potential dog owner to consider their hunting instincts beforehand.

7. Jack Russell terriers have been on TV shows

The Parson Russell terrier or the Jack Russell terrier is a famous breed among horse owners, dog sports enthusiasts, dog trainers, and people who love a dog with a fearless and boundless energy. Jack Russell terriers have been featured in “Moose”, “Frasier” with a Jack Russell terrier who plays “Eddie”, and “Wishbone” with a Jack Russell terrier called “Soccer”. These shows have made the Jack Russell breed highly popular and have encouraged more people to adopt this active breed of dogs.

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8. Jack Russell terriers are highly trainable

Jack Russell terriers are highly intelligent and can learn almost everything very quickly. This breed of dogs can learn to do different tricks and other things but can be a little stubborn. Jack Russell terriers can be highly assertive in their own way which makes it difficult for dog owners to convince them to do a task. If dog owners adopt a healthy routine of physical training, companionship, and mental stimulation, Jack Russell breeds can oblige extremely well.

9. Jack Russell terriers need ample amount of exercise and stimulation

Jack Russell terriers need plenty of exercise and physical activities to expend their boundless energy. Jack Russell breeds love learning tricks, competing in activities, and can spend hours chasing a ball or learning new games.

An excited Jack Russell terrier running

These dogs are very smart and need interesting activities to keep them occupied. A Jack Russell terrier can begin to act out or behave in destructive ways if their needs for activity and exploration are not met adequately. A bored and frustrated Jack Russell terrier cannot be just expected to sit in the yard or the house. These dogs will find alternate ways to entertain themselves if not provided the proper stimulation. Jack Russell terriers love to dig and bark out loud which makes them extremely unsuitable for small spaces.

10. Jack Russell terriers are prone to shedding a lot of hair

Jack Russell terriers can shed a lot of hair constantly. This breed of dogs shed their white hair all-round the year which settles on furniture and clothing. The terriers with a rough coat also shed quite a lot of hair but their dead hair often gets trapped within the coat rather than fall off on the ground or on the furniture. The rough coat requires much more grooming which often discourages new dog owners. Many dog owners choose to give away their Jack Russell terriers due to their constant and excessive shedding.

11. Jack Russell terriers can be very stubborn

Jack Russell terriers have a mind of their own and can choose to be quite stubborn when they want to. It is important for dog owners to teach Jack Russell terriers that they cannot do anything they please. The toughness of the dog owner will help them train the breed much more easily. Jack Russell terriers may be a fan of learning new tricks but do not like hearing the word ‘No’. These terriers must be taught at a young age that they cannot be stubborn and bossy through consistent training and sticking to what you say.

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All about the Jack Russell Terrier

We bring you everything you need to know about the Jack Russell Terrier. These small dogs are popular with children and grown ups alike, their irascible personalities making them fond friends with many. We will show you their physical capabilities, provide information about their temperament and give you some fun facts and information you may not already know. As well as these characteristics, how you need to take care of them to keep the Jack Russell Terrier healthy and happy. Keep watching to find out.


Jack Russell terriers are an adorable breed of dog that has a deep love for exploring and hunting. They are most happy when they have a companionship in the form of a dog owner who allows them to explore the outdoors and do what they love most. This breed of dog is highly intelligent and loves physical activities like digging, jumping, and running. Jack Russell terriers can be quite rowdy with other animals and can see smaller family pets as prey. Most Jack Russell terriers don’t go along with dogs from the breed as well since they have a fighting instinct that can be mellowed out but cannot be truly eradicated.

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