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Juicy Facts About The Movie Jaws

Facts about Jaws

Director Steven Spielberg is known to be one of the greatest directors and it all started with the movie, Jaws, and there are many interesting facts about Jaws out there. The said film broke box-office records once it opened and that indeed paved the way for Spielberg’s career. It also ignited the creation of other films such as Sharknado.

They even used the name Bruce for their great white shark as a tribute to the mechanical shark used in the Jaws film. Definitely, a lot of followers of the movie know some in-depth information about Jaws, but here are some great facts about Jaws to stimulate your mind and appreciate the film more.

Facts about the Jaws Movie

1 In the opening scene, the scream of actress Susan Backlinie was real since Director Spielberg did not tell her when she would be attacked.

2 The orchestra that played during the 1976 Academy Awards was conducted by John Williams and when his name was called up for an Oscar as best score, he had to stop playing to go up the stage and accept his award then went down to conduct once again.

3 The first automated shark made for the film sank right away down the ocean floor because before the production started, they failed to test it first in sea water. Therefore, they were not able to shoot a shark scene until 1 hour and 21 minutes into the film.

4 In the script, there were about 27 scenes that were not found in the book, according to Spielberg.

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5 The shark that sat on the dock as seen in the film was actually a real 13-foot tiger shark caught somewhere in Florida.

6 The shark was also called as the “Great White Turd” as a symbolism of Spielberg’s frustration or anger every time it did not function accordingly.

7 Even before the film was shown, it had already turned heads after it graced the cover of Time magazine.

8 Elmer, known as the dog of Spielberg, played a role as Brody’s dog in the movie.

9 The book Jaws by Peter Benchley was just place on a pile of paper in his producer’s office, wherein then, Director Steven Spielberg noticed it for the first time.

10 Director Steven Spielberg used a real hand by burying a crew member in the sand to shoot a victim’s hand found in the sand.

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