Facts About Jesus You Didn’t Know

Who doesn’t know the name Jesus Christ? Some say he is the savior of the world. For others, he is just another person in the Bible. Whatever your beliefs are, there are probably some things that might surprise you about this historical figure.

So, here are some awesome facts about Jesus you didn’t know. Sit back, relax, and delve into this brief history lesson.

Facts about Jesus You Probably Did Not Know

1 He Was a Tough Cookie!

We may call Jesus as a heavenly Man but he was not afraid to speak his mind by saying call people out, and knock over tables to spread the Word.

2 Jesus’ Step Family.

Jesus actually had half brothers and sisters as well, including James, Simon, Judas, and Joses.

3 Identical Cousins…Sort of.

Jesus’ second cousin was John the Baptist, who was 6 months older and proclaimed Jesus as the Christ.

4 Jesus Wasn’t Born on Christmas.

He was actually born on an unspecified day, but Christians use December 25th as a placeholder.

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5 Jesus Had a Day Job.

Yes, not only was he the Savior of the world, according to Christians, but Jesus also worked as a carpenter like his father Joseph.

6 Jesus’ Biblical Diet.

We may not know much about what Jesus ate, but historians say his diet consisted mostly of bread, honey, lamb, and fish.

7 Jesus Had Other Names.

Jesus and others used a variety of names to refer to The Christ, such as “the bread of life,” “the living bread,” “the light of the world,” and “the Son of Man.”

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8 Jesus is Referenced Nearly 1,000 Times in the Bible.

And it makes sense that you would read His name throughout the Old Testament and New Testament.

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9 Jesus is the Name, ‘Christ’ is the Title.

Many Christians refer to Jesus as “The Christ,” with “Christ” being what the entire religion is based on.

10 ‘Jesus’ is the English Translation.

This was taken from “Iesus” in Greek, which means “Yahweh.”

11 How old was Jesus when he died?

Jesus Christ may have died at the age of 39, but tradition says he was killed at age 33. What’s up with that? Also, The Johnson Space Center now forbids the name ‘Jesus!’ Looks like NASA is looking to be locked out of heaven.

Was Jesus Actually Resurrected?

The greatest mystery of all is the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Catholic church has been built off the faith that Jesus was crucified for our sins, died and was buried, then on the third day he rose from the dead and visited his Apostles. What really happened on that third day that gave birth to an entire religion? Find out right now!

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