Amazing Facts about Left Handed People You Never Knew

Facts about Being Left Handed

Left-handed people comprise between 10% and 13% of the population. They are very rare, and it is not common to meet people who are left-handed on a daily basis. There are many beliefs and notions about being left-handed and below are 10 fun, but real facts about left handed people that you should know.

Weird Facts about Left Handed People

1 Left-handed people recover easily from stroke compared to right-handed people.

2 People who are left-handed tend to adjust seeing underwater easily.

3 Out of the seven recent presidents of the United States, four are left-handed. These include Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George Bush, and Ronald Reagan to name a few.

4 Left-handed people tend to perform better using their right hand and vice versa. This means that they tend to become more ambidextrous than right-handed people.

5 Left-handed individuals have a lot of advantages in playing tennis, boxing and fencing. In fact, tennis champion Rafael Nadal played with his left hand thus giving him an advantage on the court.

6 Most left-handed individuals draw figures always facing to the right. They have difficulties drawing people facing the left.

7 If you are pregnant and you want to know if your baby is left-handed, one of the potential factors to consider is your age. Expectant mothers over the age of 40 tend to have 124% chances of giving birth to left-handed kids.

8 Left-handed people are represented to be geniuses. In a research conducted by St. Lawrence University in New York, researchers found out that there are more lefties who have IQs higher than 140. And since Isaac Newton, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, and Charles Darwin were all left-handed, this verifies the study that lefties are really smart.

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9 In a study published by the Australian National University in 2006, left-handed people are able to handle large amounts of stimuli than people who use their right hands. So if your left-handed friend beats you at video games, blame your hands.

10 In the early centuries, people who were left-handed were perceived as evil. Because not everyone has the ability to use their left hand as their dominant hands, many people believe that being left-handed is attributed to the devil.

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