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10 Fascinating Facts About Maine Coon Cats

Facts about Maine Coon Cats

There are many myths and legends regarding Maine Coon cats. In fact, they are considered as the oldest natural breeds of cats in North America. They are reputed to be intelligent, gentle, and playful cats with dog-like characteristics. If you love cats, then here are several interesting facts about Maine Coon cats that you need to know.

Facts about Maine Coon Cats


10 Early people believed that Maine Coon cats are a result of the mating of a wild cat and a raccoon, which is a myth, of course.


9 They are considered as the largest domestic breed of cats. They also have big bones. Maine Coon cats can grow as big as 40 inches in length and 18 pounds in weight.


8 They came to North America because they hitched a ride from European ships. They were the only cats that were able to survive in the harsh New England weather.


7 Their shaggy and multi-layered fur as well as long tail helps them keep warm during the winter months. Their ears also come with small tufts while they have large paws to help them survive cold.


6 Unlike other cat breeds, Maine Coon cats are highly social. They are friendly, playful, loyal, and they easily get along with children as well as other pets. And just like dogs, you can walk them on a leash and they can also play fetch.


5 They don’t “meow” but “chirp” and “trill.”


4 They enjoy water a lot. They don’t get cold when in water because they have water-resistant fur that keeps them warm despite the water’s low temperature.

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3 In 1985, Maine Coon cats were the first to win the American Cat Show. The winner was the brown tabby cat named Cosey owned by Mrs. E.N. Barker.


2 They are related to the Norwegian Forest Cats. In fact, Vikings were known to be accompanied with Norwegian Forest cats that closely resemble modern day Maine Coons.


1 They got its name from Captain Charles Coon who sailed to New England in 1880.


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Maine Coon cats are great pets and they have a lifespan of 12.5 years or longer. They are generally healthy cats but they are at risk of feline heart disease that can result to paralysis and blood clotting. Extreme care should be taken if you want to own this cat.


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Today we’re going to talk about one of the most popular giant cat breeds: the Maine Coon. Do you want to know where these cats come from? Do you know what you should consider before adopting one? Here we show youeverything you need to know about these giant fur balls, their characteristics, temperament and what you need to ensure they have the best care. Keep watching for everything Maine Coon, we dare you not to love them.