10 Unbelievable Facts about Men You Don’t Want To Miss

Facts about Men

Men are definitely from Mars. So, if you are expecting men to be normal, you will be in for the fright and surprise of your life. So, when it comes to men, don’t expect anything normal from them.

Fascinating Facts about Men

1 In a study conducted by Dr. Mehta, it was found out that poor men are more attracted to women with bigger breasts.

2 According to polls, 32% of men were masturbating more than ever after the 2008 recession.

3 Places with established chain of commands such as the military reduce male aggression and testosterone while places with unstable hierarchy give men considerable anxiety.

4 Adult men have brains that are 10% bigger than women’s. This is due to the fact that men have more muscle mass and thus need more neurons to control the body.

5 Good guys will always prefer presentable and neat girls over good looking girls.

6 The way dads play with their kids, i.e. through teasing and rough housing, helps kids to be more prepared for the real world, more confident, and learn better.

7 According to the Kinsey Institute, the average American man’s erect penis is 4 to 6 inches in girth and 5 to 7 inches long.

8 Guys are indubitably lacking in communication—they may want to tell you many sincere things, but the problem is they lack the courage to tell you. So, what do they do? They drink alcohol to boost their courage!

9 Due to higher testosterone levels, men have more levels of self-assertion, self-reliance, aggression, and competition than women.

10 It is through lovemaking that men express their strongest feelings.

11 In a global research conducted by the online site Poll.com, the worst lovers were Swedes – because they finish too early, Englishmen – because they are lazy, and the Germans – because they are stinky. The best lovers were from Italy, Brazil, and Spain. Americans ranked somewhere in between.