Fun Facts About Middle Children

Middle Children Facts

Many have said that your birth order pre-disposes you to certain behaviors and characteristics. And as a middle child, parents commonly neglect you over the eldest or youngest child. Further, many people look at the middle child as the rebel or the black sheep of the family. Could this be true? Well, let’s find out with these ten fun facts about middle children.

Fun Facts About Middle Children

1 Middle children are naturally adaptable by nature, making them great at group activities.

2 Middle children are emotionally stable and are less likely to be diagnosed with emotional disorders.

3 Middle children want to stand out from their younger or older siblings by doing really weird stuff—for no apparent reason.

4 Middle Children have lesser probability of straying from a monogamous relationship but can be adventurous and open minded about sex.

5 Since middle children are left to fend for themselves, they are known for thinking outside of the box and having a firm sense of independence.

6 Middle children know that they can get away with more since their parent’s attention is usually focused elsewhere.

7 Middle children make friends easily because of their easy going and empathetic nature and most of all, they are more connected with their peers.

8 Middle children are risk takers because they had it easy from their parents.

9 Middle children are great negotiators because they have the ability to see both sides, skillful manipulators because they are not used to getting their way.

10 Middle children are quite good at exaggerating stories to prove a point.

There are so many positive benefits from being a middle child. In fact, more than 50% of American presidents were middle children and there are a lot of famous middle children out there too, like Madonna, Julia Roberts, and Bill Gates to name a few.

Video: 7 Things Only Middle Children Understand

This video is hilarious and highlights the life experience of being a middle child. If this is you, you will find this video hilarious. Otherwise, you probably won’t “get it.”