The Most Unusual Facts about Milk

Facts About Milk

Milk is one of the most popular beverages on earth. Although it is one of the healthiest foods around, it can also lead to chronic diseases.

Here are the most intriguing facts about milk we discovered:

1 When Prince William and Prince Harry joined public school, rumor has it that Queen Elizabeth II used to send milk from her royal cows every day for their breakfast.

2 Although a glass of soy milk has the same amount of calcium and protein, it has less calories, less sugar, less saturated fat and less sodium than a glass of dairy milk.

3 The consumption of milk has been linked to some types of diseases such as prostate and ovarian cancers, diabetes, acne, autism, osteoporosis, schizophrenia and multiple sclerosis.

4 By boosting their prolactin hormones, men can also breastfeed.

5 In the U.S., mothers can donate breast milk, which is treated as food by the FDA, to nonprofit banks that pasteurize it, sell it to hospitals for about $130 per liter, or sell it online to other mothers that need it.

6 A whopping 60% of adults worldwide cannot digest milk.

7 Poor mothers produce creamier milk for their baby girls compared to their baby boys.

8 Science has proven that men and women get different milk as babies. If a mother gives birth to a boy, her breast milk tends to have 35% more fat than if she gives birth to a girl.

9 Skim milk contains a component known as casein that can be used to upholster car seats and make fake fur hats.

10 Researchers say that the Lou Reed song “Perfect Day” and other songs with less than 100 beats per minute can increase milk production by 3%.

The reason the dairy section is usually at the back of the supermarket is to preserve the products from spoilage. You see, milk spoils quickly. Once it’s manufactured, it is quickly loaded on to chilled trucks. The trucks then make their way to the supermarkets where the milk is quickly offloaded into cold rooms. To prevent it from spoiling, supermarkets place their dairy sections near these cold-rooms where it makes it possible to quickly display.

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Video: Facts About Milk

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