Fascinating Facts about Mr. Bean No One Could Make Up

Mr Bean Facts

Both the young and old alike love Mr. Bean. I mean, who doesn’t know this infamous comic character with his cute teddy bear sidekick? The character of Mr. Bean is very easy to understand but there is something more about him that meets the eye.

Fascinating facts about Mr. Bean

1 Mr. Bean was transformed into an animated cartoon series in 2002. Rowan Atkinson provided all the vocal sounds of the animated Mr. Bean. He also acted out every animated episode in front of the camera so that the animators can capture his unique movement. No wonder the animated Mr. Bean is almost life-like.

2 Rowan Atkinson is a huge fan of sports cars and he has a collection of them. In the series, Mr. Bean is seen driving a green mini cooper with a black hood. Just like in real life, he also treats his car like a friend.

3 One of Mr. Bean’s latest appearances on the big screen was the low budget film in 2007 Mr. Bean’s Holiday which grossed more than $229 million all over the world.

4 Mr. Bean is a social media sensation with more than 1.3 billion views on YouTube and 65 millions of fans on Facebook.

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5 Mr. Bean is Rowan Atkinson’s brainchild. He began to work on his character while he was studying at Oxford University for his master’s degree in electrical engineering. The first version of Mr. Bean was launched in 1979 at the Edinburgh festival and in the TV sitcom Canned Laughter.

6 Mr. Bean’s character was influenced by Jacques Tati’s Monsieur Hulot – the infamous French silent comedy star.

7 The Mr. Bean series was broadcasted in about 200 countries all over the world. There doesn’t seem åto be a country that does not seem to understand or enjoy Mr. Bean’s character and antics.

8 Rowan Atkinson had a hard time choosing his stage name. Before he was Mr. Bean, he used Mr. White but then later rejected the name and opted to pick another one based on the different types of vegetables. He initially chose Mr. Cauliflower but then selected Mr. Bean. He was finally christened Mr. Bean in 1989. Imagine calling him Mr. Cauliflower!

9 He was also a big James Bond fan. He started his career as a supporting character in the unofficial 007 movie Never Say Never Again in 1983. This is the reason why the character Mr. Bean also has a flair for adventure.

10 The actor who portrayed Mr. Bean, Sir Rowan Atkinson, is the total opposite of his fictional character. He is well-educated and even went to school together with Prime Minister Tony Blair. He was also knighted by Queen Elizabeth.

11 Mr. Bean is a well-loved character that captured the hearts of many people from all over the world. Despite the simplicity of his character, he is considered as UK’s most successful characters of all time.

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