Captivating Facts About Ostriches That’ll Probably Amaze You

Facts about Ostriches

They’re big, they’re mighty, and they can kick you all the way to the moon. Okay, maybe not that far, but the ostrich is a pretty powerful bird with a large beak and long legs. Even without a set of teeth, ostriches still make good predators, and they’re so tough that they swallow whole stones. Plus, they can go for days without a drop of water because they can bury their heads in the sand and get moisture from the roots of plants. This is also how they get a lot of the insects that they munch on. Want to know more? Keep reading for more facts about ostriches that will amaze you!

The Oddest Facts about Ostriches

1 A Feast for the Eyes

An omelet made from an ostrich egg would be 10 times larger than normal.

2 They Have Human Predators

Some poachers try to kill ostriches for their feathers and meat.

3 Arabian Ostriches?

Ostriches used to be found in the Middle East, but now they mostly native to the African continent.

4 An African Aviator

Ostriches hail from Africa.

5 Head in the Sand

This common phrase is taken from the ostrich’s tendency to stick its beak into the ground for bugs.

6 Ostriches Have Mean Karate Chops

They can’t fly, but they do have strong legs with a powerful kick.

7 A Carnivorous Bird

Yet relax, because ostriches eat mostly insects.

8 Fight or Flight?

Because an ostrich can’t fly, it lays its body flat on the ground when hiding from enemies.

9 Don’t Let Their Size Fool You

These birds can outrun you; reaching speeds of up to 50 miles per hour!

10 Tall and Mighty

A male ostrich can grow to over 2 meters in height, making it the largest land bird.

11 Ostrich eggs are humongous and are often a prized delicacy to eat.

Even so, the size of an ostrich and its eggs will vary slightly, depending on where they live. While native to Africa, ostriches are related to the Australian emu.

Ostrich the Flightless Bird

Take a look at the fastest and the largest birds in the world – see these magnificent birds in their natural habitat, in Kalahari Desert, South Africa.

You will be amazed at their cute chicks. They are vulnerable and pathetic little creatures following their great parents everywhere. Did you know that Ostriches lay the largest eggs of all birds?

Newborn chicks are defenseless against predators such as jackals, hyenas, and snakes, etc. But adult ostriches do their best to protect them. They use their powerful wings only to fend off predators. For sure you will find out some interesting and maybe new facts for you about ostriches and get closer to the natural world.