The Sweetest Facts About Peeps Candy

Peeps Candy Facts

Yum, yum, Peeps are not just for Easter, but there are for holidays such as Halloween, the fourth of July, Christmas, and more.  There is never a bad time to eat a Peep. They are fat-free and full of gooey, gooey love!

So grab a pack of Peeps and read through our list of delicious facts about Peeps you don’t want to miss. Whether you prefer the chicks or the bunnies, we have got some tasty tidbits that are going to totally rock your world! What is not to love?

Sweet Facts about Peeps Candy

1 The Favorite Peep

The yellow chicks are the most popular variety; pink, lavender, blue, and white are the next popular, respectively.

2 Their Production Time Has Drastically Decreased

It takes just 6 minutes to make a Peep; 60 years ago, it took 27 hours!

3 Look Them in the Eyes

Those eyes used to be drawn on my hand, but now a machine does that for us.

4 So Many Peeps, So Little Time

In just one minute, the Peeps machine can chug out a whopping 3,500 Peeps!

5 Billions of Peeps

The major Peeps factory in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania creates more than 1 billion Peeps each year.

6 Easter is a Peep’s Holiday

Every Easter, folks in the United States consume over 600 million Peeps (of the bunny and chick varieties.)

7 They Don’t Even Have to be Fresh

Some common ways to eat a Peep include freezing it, microwaving it, roasting it, having it stale, or just putting it on a pizza.

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8 There is Peeps-Flavored Water Ice

The Rita’s Water Ice chain featured a Peeps flavor on their water ice menu and people ate it up.

9 Peeps Originally Came in Three Colors

Before 1995, you could take your pick from the yellow, pink, or white Peeps; then the lavender and blue chicks were introduced.

10 How Many Calories Are in This?

If you’re watching your waistline, it is good to know that one Peep contains 32 calories, and they are fat-free.

11 Peeps are Not Vegan

They contain animal products in the ingredients. Sorry to all the vegans and vegetarians out there!

12 Not everyone can buy Peeps in their market.

Peeps are only sold in the United States and Canada at the current time.

How 5.5 Million Peeps Are Made For Easter

Just Born makes 2 billion Peeps a year in their Bethlehem, PA factory. Easter accounts for 70% of annual Peep sales.

Every year people fill Easter baskets, make dioramas, and have competed in eating challenges with these marshmallow treats.

This video is a fascinating tour through their factory.

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