Tasty and Fun Facts About Popcorn

The small but mighty snack that delights people of all ages is the subject of our list. Yes, we are talking about popcorn, of course! Who does not love this delicious snack? After reading our 10 fun facts about popcorn list, you will be reaching for a bag of popcorn in no time.

Find out how much Americans eat of the stuff each year, as well as where most of the world’s popcorn comes from. And of course, we will talk a bit about Orville what’s-his-name and his popcorn discovery! Are you ready to get snacking on our list?

Fun Popcorn Facts

1 Small but Mighty

One cup of popcorn contains about 1,600 individual kernels!

2 It’s an Economical Snack

After all, just 2 tablespoons of kernels will get you about a quart of popped popcorn.

3 Largest Popcorn Ball Ever

It weighed 5,000 pounds and had a diameter of 12 feet.

4 Popcorn Packs a Nutritional Punch

Compared to other cereal grains, popcorn has more protein and fiber.

5 Up, Up, and Away!

Left unrestrained, a popcorn kernel could pop up to 3 feet high!

6 Snack on This

A healthy alternative to other carbs, air-popped popcorn is a dieter’s best friend.

7 The Happiest Day Ever?

Celebrate “Popcorn Day,” which has been every January 19 since 1958.

8 Illinois Shows Some Love

In Illinois, the official state snack is…yup, popcorn!

9 Nebraska is the Top Producer

They make about 250 million pounds of popcorn annually.

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10 Once You Pop, You Can’t Stop

Americans eat 17 billion quarts of the stuff annually!

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11 There are two distinct popcorn shapes: mushroom and snowflake.

Video:What’s The Best Microwave Popcorn? Taste Test

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Today, we’re taste testing different microwave popcorn brands like Orville Redenbacher, Skinny Pop, and Newman’s Own and ranking them in order from best to worst!