Fun Facts About Seinfeld You Never Knew

Facts about Seinfeld

It’s time to take a look at that iconic Jerry Seinfeld sitcom that kept us laughing for hours on end. In our 10 Facts About Seinfeld You Never Knew, you will be amazed by some crunchy tidbits that even the most die-hard fan wouldn’t know.

For instance, Julia Louis-Dreyfus won an Emmy award in the same season where she showed off some atrocious dance moves on the show. Jason Alexander was easily offended and upset on the set, and Jerry Seinfeld actually hated the episode where he gets his car stolen. Grab some pretzels and learn even more about this hilarious series.

Hilarious Facts About Seinfeld

1 Kramer on Wheels

Hitting towns across the country with his tour bus, Kramer performs in his own entertainment side show.

2 George Was Not Supposed to be Jason Alexander

3 George Costanza in the Flesh

He was actually Michael Costanza, and he sued Seinfeld for $100 million for stealing his persona.

4 Kramer Had Another Name

In the original script, he was named Kessler.

5 No Hard Feelings…Right?

After not being written into one episode early on, Jason Alexander threatened to leave the show if his character was ever excluded again.

6 Steve Buscemi Wanted In

Steve wanted to be in the sitcom, and he auditioned for the role of George.

7 Kramer was Based Off of a Real Person

Kenny Kramer was paid $1,000 for lending his name to the Seinfeld character.

8 Jason Alexander was Wary of the Show

He thought the premise of Seinfeld was genius, but that it wouldn’t be popular with viewers.

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9 It Has Meaning to Jerry Seinfeld

Rather than being about “nothing,” the sitcom was supposed to be about how to gather comedic fodder.

10 Seinfeld was Supposed to be a One-Hit Wonder

It was originally a one-and-a-half hour TV special.

11 Numerology was in the Show?!

Did you know that Seinfeld used the power of the stars to wrap up the series? Numerology and astrology helped to end the series at season 9; a number that represents completion. And the series comes full circle, beginning and ending with a very similar conversation between Jerry and George.

Video: 7 Seinfeld Facts You (Probably) Didn’t Know!

Even if you’ve been a fan since the beginning, you may not know these obscure facts about the show and its production. These 7 tidbits will cement your status as a Seinfeld Superfan.

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