The Sexiest Facts About Sex and the City

Sex and the City was one of the iconic TV series of the 1990s. In fact, they even made a feature-length film out of the series. Carrie may have started writing a column for The New York Star, but she soon moved on to Vogue, where her editor was named Enid, of all things.

And did you know that Kim Cattrall had to be asked multiple times to play the role of Samantha? Well, we’re glad that she was finally persuaded to take the role!

Facts about Sex and The City

1 Thanks, it’s Second-Hand

The medicine cabinet in Carrie’s apartment was actually Sarah Jessica Parker’s flea market find!

2 A Dangerous Job

Ouch! Sarah Jessica Parker would sometimes work for as long as 18 hours in high heels.

3 Maybe He Worked at IKEA

Strangely enough, a lot of viewers were unaware of Aiden’s job as a designer of furniture.

4 Keep Calm and Drink Tea

Although if you’re Charlotte, you probably hate that Harry leaves used tea bags all over his apartment.

5 A Love of the Game

During a bachelor party episode, everyone is hyped up for a San Francisco Giants game.

6 A Star-Studded Wedding

Charlotte and Harry end up having their wedding announcement featured in The New York Times.

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7 Maternity Leave

Sarah Jessica Parker got pregnant during the filming of Season 5, so that season was only 8 episodes long.

8 Conflict Off Screen

Unfortunately, Kim Cattrall and Sarah Jessica Parker actually despised each other in real life.

9 She’s a Superstar

Carrie is one hot journalist, but did you know that she is a contributor to The New York Star?

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10 That’s Not My Name

He was often referred to as “Mr. Big,” but this character’s actual name was John. How anticlimactic.

11 Kim Cattrall always wore heels!

In order to get into character, Kim Cattrall would always wear heels, even if her feet weren’t shown on camera. And did you know that Mr. Big’s private driver was named Ramon? We didn’t!

SEX AND THE CITY Revival Trailer Teaser (2021) Sarah Jessica Parker, HBO Max

If you are a huge fan like me, this trailer for the new movie is really fun!

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