Fascinating Facts about Sex [with Infographic!]

Facts about Sex

What do you know about sex? Yes, that’s right, we are going to give you 10 mind-blowing facts about sex that may have flown off your radar. We all know that sex is a wonderful thing, but these crunchy nuggets of wisdom will open your mind up to the truth about orgasms, the senses during intercourse, and numerical statistics.

We’ve got some facts on sperm that will suit your mood just swimmingly (pun intended,) and what about the labyrinthine enigma that is the female reproductive system? Some of your questions and musings will be answered with this compelling infographic.

With fun visuals, intriguing information, and just enough sass to get you in the mood, this fun chart can be considered a cheat sheet to getting down in the bedroom. Read it on your own or with your partner and get amped up to explore yourself and each other.

Fascinating Facts about Sex

Did you know that orgasms could elongate your life? Here are 10 of the most titillating sex facts for your pleasure:

1 A man produces 14 gallons of semen during his lifetime. That’s the same as the capacity of a 2015 Toyota Corolla fuel tank!

2 A woman’s orgasm lasts about 18 seconds on average while those of a man lasts 22 seconds.

3 The average speed at which a man ejaculates is 28 mph (45 km/h).

4 One teaspoon of semen contains approximately 250 million sperm and about 25 calories.

5 Women can get orgasms through nipple stimulation. This stimulation causes the release of oxytocin, a hormone that causes the uterine and vaginal contractions associated with orgasms.

6 Condoms do not affect the quality of sex. Studies have found that most men and women get pleasure from sex just as much with condoms as they do without.

7 Compared to straight and bisexual women, lesbians have the most orgasms.

8 Semen can be used as a face cream to fight acne and prevent wrinkles.

9 Sexual arousal and orgasms can make you feel better when you are under the weather since they boost your immune system.

10 Sex can cure headaches, cluster headaches and migraines. It can also lower your blood pressure and stress.

11 The slimy substance a man secretes post-foreplay and pre-ejaculation is his body’s lubrication system sent to clear a secure path for the impending semen. A small gland below the penis produces this pre-seminal fluid. The fluid helps neutralize any acidic urine around the urethra to prevent damage to the sperm. It also helps foreplay and procreation go smoothly.

Sex Facts Infographic

With the perfect combination of fun factoids and impressively brainy info, this infographic will take your breath away and help you take your partner’s breath away, too!

Are you ready to show your partner that you have good looks and brains? Then read up on these tidbits and impress them under the sheets tonight!


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