Surprising Facts about South Park

Surely, you have seen an episode or two of South Park. The show has been in existence for some time, and much like The Simpsons or Family Guy, it does a good job of making fun of our media and society while being crude. Yet South Park has a loyal fan base and a dedicated crew as well.

Here are the most fascinating Facts about South Park that might totally surprise you. Remember these the next time you sit down to catch an episode!

Surprising Facts about South Park

1  What Was He Going to be Called?

Butters’ original name was actually ‘Poof Poof.” Uh…what what?

2 What is Butters’ Real Name?

It’s Leopold, so no wonder he goes by something different!

3 “It Hits the Fan” Almost Hit the Cutting Room Floor

Comedy Central didn’t want to hear this episode because of the extremely foul language (150+ curse words.)

4 But Kevin Was Almost Done For

The team thought that Kevin wasn’t dynamic enough, so they thought about giving him the axe and replacing him with Butters.

5 Kenny Doesn’t Always Die

Ironically, the episode “Kenny Dies” put an end to his seemingly never-ending cycle of death. Yay!

6 The Crew Has a Great Track Record

The team behind South Park has missed their deadline just one time, and it wasn’t their fault; it was a blackout!

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7 Takes 6 Days to make each 30 Minute Episode

Yup, it takes the crew about 6 days (and about 110 hours) to create one (30-minute) episode of South Park.

8 The Archie Bunker Inspiration

The creators wanted to portray the offensive Archie Bunker in one of their characters, so they created Cartman.

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9 The Creators Started Out Broke

Trey Parker and Matt Stone not only lacked the equipment to animate, but they were too broke to afford it at the beginning.

10 The First Episode was Painstakingly Made

And by this, we mean that the crew used cut-out paper and stop-motion graphics…what a pain!

Video:How South Park is Made

You might be surprised how South Park is made. With traditionally animated TV shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy, it can take several months just to complete one half-hour episode.

When it comes to South Park, however, an episode is written, animated, recorded, and sent off to Comedy Central in just six days. WatchMojo looks over how South Park is made. Do you have any behind-the-scenes South Park trivia? Let us know in the comments!

Image Credit: “Chef – South Park – High Street, Deritend – Digbeth”by ell brown is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0