Super-Amazing Facts about Stingrays

Facts about Stingrays

Sure, a stingray may have been the bane of Steve Irwin, but these amazing marine creatures were highly respected by the late Crocodile Hunter. We are going to honor these vertebrates with our list of 10 Super-Amazing Facts About Stingrays.We are sure that you will love hearing about how cool stingrays are.

They have cool leathery cartilage which unfortunately is sometimes hunted and used for shoes. Also, in some Asian countries such as Malaysia and Singapore, the stingray is considered a delicacy. Let’s take a look at some less depressing facts about stingrays. Read on for more interesting information!

Intriguing Stingray Facts

1 Happy Birthday to You

The average lifespan of a wild stingray is between 15 and 25 years.

2 I See You

A stingray’s eyes are on top of its flat body, but their eyesight is poor.

3 We’re All Family

Stingrays belong to 8 different families sixgill, deepwater, stingarees, round, whiptail, river, butterfly, and eagle.

4 Back Off, Stingrays!

To scare off stingrays, shuffle your feet back and forth in the sand; they’ll go away!

5 Only Freshwater, Please!

About 3% of stingray species are only able to live in freshwater habitats.

6 They Do What They Gotta Do

Stingrays have been observed migrating from the ocean deep to shallower waters in order to stay safe.

7 Masters of Disguise

Crypsis is a stingray’s behavior of burrowing into the ocean floor to avoid predators.

8 Look Out, Foes!

Fortunately, stingrays can combat enemies with their barbs and spines.

9 Shark Versus Stingray

A hefty enemy of the stingray is the hammerhead shark; we understand that!

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10 The Electric Slide

If you see an electric stingray, beware because they actually do generate electricity.

11 The smallest known stingrays are just the size of a pancake and weigh half a kilo. The largest stingray is a manta weighing thousands of pounds. These amazing creatures are the oldest vertebrates with jaws to have existed on our planet.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Stingrays

Stingrays are incredible yet fascinating creatures, being older than many of the dinosaurs yet spending much of their time in a single spot we’ll over 10 facts about these unique creatures you might not expect.

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