Tasty Facts about Strawberries Most People Don’t Know!

Strawberries are great for making desserts not only because of the vibrant color that they give to food, but also because they contain a lot of nutrients. If you are a big fan of this fruit, then check these out.

Facts About Strawberries

1 The best way to store fresh strawberries is to wash them and remove the stems. Do not rinse them days before eating because it can speed up spoiling.

2 California is the biggest producer of strawberries in the United States. They grow about 2 billion of pounds of strawberries each year.

3 Do you eat a banana before exercising? Why not shift to strawberries instead. Research shows that strawberry contains high amounts of nitrate which increases the flow of blood and oxygen to the muscles, therefore increasing your endurance to burn off more calories.

4 Strawberries contain high amounts of Vitamins C, K, B6, folic acid, and amino acids, making it a super fruit.

5 The French believe that strawberries have aphrodisiac properties, thus they serve newlyweds a traditional breakfast of creamy strawberry soup.

6 There exists a museum for strawberries – Le Musee de la Fraise in Belgium. They have a great souvenir shop for anything strawberry.

7 An average American consumes three and a half pounds of strawberries each year.

8 They are perennial plants, thus if you plant them, they grow, die and come to life again the next spring. However, they will remain productive only for five years.

9 Strawberries are not really berries, thus they are not related to grapes and blueberries. They are an aggregate fruit and each seed is actually one fruit.

10 Strawberries are the only fruits that have seeds located on the outside. There are about 200 seeds that cover the entire fruit.

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11 Strawberries are best eaten fresh but if you have lots of harvest, you can make jam from overripe fruits or you can pickle green ones and put them in savory dishes. In fact, pickling of green strawberries is becoming a food trend these days.

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