Funniest Facts About The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory Facts

Who doesn’t love The Big Bang Theory? Not only is this one of the most popular sitcoms to ever air on CBS, but it has won countless awards and made its actors utterly famous. Penny, Sheldon, Leonard, Amy, and everyone else make this show such a hit. It is time for our list of 10 intelligent facts about the Big Bang Theory.

This is one smart show, but that doesn’t mean that there have not been slip-ups, pranks, and continuity errors throughout its long run. Learn about the dorky references in this show, as well as some insider information about the characters and the actors who portray them!

Facts about Big Bang Theory

1 Family Connection

The flash mob dance to “Call Me Maybe” was choreographed by Kaley Cuoco’s real-life sister.

2 Musically Gifted

Many cast members can sing or play instruments, such as the harp, theremin, and piano.

3 Some Heavenly Help

The writers for The Big Bang Theory would love to have Pope Francis do a cameo.

4 The Origins of “Bazinga!”

It came from Stephen Engel, the writer for the show (he would say it when pranking people.)

5 Cruel and Unusual Punishment

When Sheldon spanked Amy for “playing sick,” he actually went off-script, but the producers kept it in the episode.

6 Like Mother, Like Daughter

The actress who plays Bernadette based her character’s voice on her own mother.

7 Love is in the Air

The famous episode in which Penny admits she’s in love with Leonard took only one single take.

8 A Nutty Mess-Up

At the start of Season 7, Howard is offered some nutty brownies by Bernadette, but we already know that Howard is allergic to nuts.

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9 A Nerdy Reference

In a Season 7 episode, we see Professor Proton’s “force ghost,” which is nearly identical to the Star Wars character Obi-Wan Kenobi.

10 An Unfortunate Allergy

In the show’s eighth season, we learn that Amy has an avocado allergy.

11 Did Raj’s Dog really change gender?

Yes! Raj’s dog apparently changes genders; it is called a “he” in Season 5 and a “she” in Season 6.

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