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The Most Entertaining Facts About The Emmys

Facts about the Emmys

The Emmy Awards for 2016 will take place on September 16, 2016, and people are talking about who they think the big winners are going to be. Experts are making their predictions, and it looks like there are some standout TV shows and actors that can expect a standing ovation come Awards night. Among them is Peter Dinklage, who is slated to be the winner in the Best Supporting Actor in a Drama category. Kevin Spacey impressed viewers with his performance on House of Cards, but did he appeal to the Academy enough to earn him an Emmy Award for Best Actor in a Drama? Oh, the suspense is killing us! Why don’t we pass some time with our list of 10 Fascinating Facts About The Emmys?

Here you will find some crunchy nuggets and pearls of wisdom that you may keep in your head until you watch the Awards show in the fall. For instance, the Emmy awards have changed a lot since the late 1940s, and back then there was a very small group of people who could even be nominated for an Emmy Award.

Now we have more diversity, but there are people who will still say that the Emmy Awards need to continue breaking barriers and be more inclusive. Speaking of breaking barriers and traditions, you won’t believe what the Academy tried to do in 1974. It was a total flop! We hope you enjoy our list, and after you’re finished reading, you may want to place your own bets for who will beat the odds and win an Emmy of their own this year!

Emmy Award Facts

1 An Emmy-barrassing Disaster

Pardon the pun, but the 1974 Emmy Awards was an even bigger catastrophe. The Academy was trying to make things new and exciting, but their attempt at shaking things up went south rather quickly. They were trying to honor the Best Actors and Actresses from each of the individual categories with one big “Super Emmy Award,” but the whole thing was actually pretty stupid.

The main goal was a Championship style honor that would help to solidify and bring actors and actresses together. During this year, Mary Tyler Moore and Alan Alda were two of the recipients of this bizarre Emmy award.

2 SNL Rocks the Emmy’s

If you thought that it was incredible that Bill Maher received 29 nominations without winning, or that Pee Wee’s Playhouse took home 22 Emmy award statuettes, then wait until you hear about Saturday Night Live! Thanks to the unbelievably talented comedians on the sketch show, including Amy Poehler, Tina Fey, Kenan Thompson, and Dana Carvey, SNL has snagged 171 Emmy nominations over the years.

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That’s right, 171! They’ve been awarded 36 Primetime Emmy’s for their undeniably great work, too. Our personal favorites from Saturday Night Live include Tina Fey’s portrayal of Sarah Palin and Dana Carvey as The Church Lady.

3 #EmmysSoWhite

Forget about #OscarsSoWhite; did you know that there has never been a black winner in the category of Best Actress in a Drama? For real! We can think of plenty of deserving black women who should win that honor. You hear that, Academy?

As for Best Actress in a Comedy, the only black women to receive that award was Isabel Sanford back in 1981 for her work on The Jeffersons. This isn’t just women either; there was only one black male who won Best Actor in a Comedy (Robert Guillame.) Bill Cosby won a few Emmy awards for Best Actor in a Drama.

4 Bill Maher Ain’t Even Mad

Despite being nominated for 29 Emmy awards and not winning any of them, Bill Maher is pretty chill with the whole thing. This has been going on for over 20 years now, and it has become more of a joke than a point of contention.

According to Bill Maher, if he were to win an Emmy now, it would just mess everything up and ruin his “street cred.” Well, call us crazy, but we would feel a huge feeling of redemption if we won an Emmy after waiting and being nominated for over 2 decades! We’re telling ya…it’s a conspiracy!

5 Apparently, Puppets Can Win Emmys

In fact, the first Emmy to be awarded way back when was given to a puppet. This was in 1949, when TV wasn’t as widespread and full of junk (we mean variety) as it is now. The Emmy awards were actually restricted to a specific set of people: those who performed in the Los Angeles, California area.

Tough break for all of the other awesome actors and actresses out there! In 1949, there were just three different Emmy categories. One of them, Outstanding Television Personality, was given to Shirley Dinsdale (a human) and Judy Splinters (her puppet. The duo were the stars of a 15-minute show on local Los Angeles television.

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6 Guess Who Won 22 Emmy Awards?

If it wasn’t Mad Men, then who could it have been? Out of guesses? Well, it was Pee Wee’s Playhouse, hosted by Pee Wee Herman. Yes, he got into legal trouble for some personal scandals, but in Hollywood it’s forgive and forget, right?

Anyway, the show was a huge hit and took home a whopping 22 Emmy awards. Even Pee Wee himself (Paul Reubens) was nominated for an award because of his cameo appearance on Murphy Brown, a show that was close behind Pee Wee’s Playhouse in Emmy wins. Murphy Brown has won 18 Emmy awards, in case you were wondering.

7 The Emmy’s Require an Entry Fee

That’s right, you can’t just be nominated for an Emmy award; you need to pay for that! Or at least pay to be considered for it (which is even worse, when we think about it.) According to Emmy regulations, each studio must pay a fee to enter, and that money goes to the Academy.

Besides that, the studios must pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to send screeners on DVD to the Academy, and there are also added costs for advertisements, billboards, radio announcements, and those lavish Emmy parties. Yeah, that Emmy statuette isn’t so shiny now, is it? You had to kiss the Academy’s butt for that!

8 The Emmy’s Aren’t Equal

There have been times where there has been an unequal number of nominees in various categories. For instance, there were 8 nominations for best female lead actress, but only 7 nominations for best male lead actor. Weird, right? It seems that the nomination groups should be the same all across the board, but apparently whoever is in charge of managing the Emmy’s doesn’t seem to agree.

Other categories for the Emmy awards include Outstanding Lead Actor in a Limited Series or a Movie; as well as Outstanding Production Design for Variety, Nonfiction, Reality, or Reality-Competition Programming. And oh so many more…

9 The Emmy Goes to…

Not to anyone on Mad Men. Believe it or not, this super popular and critically acclaimed TV show has never earned any of its actors an Emmy award. We find that hard to fathom ourselves. After all, Mad Men was constantly being talked about and it even inspired new fashions and style hacks.

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It also introduced us to some awesome actors and catapulted the careers of others. It seems just plain wrong that the actors were never awarded with an Emmy for their work on the show. We’re citing a conspiracy, because this just seems downright impossible! Who’s with us?

10 The Statue was Modelled After Someone

And that certain someone wasn’t even famous. It was the wife of Louis McManus, a television engineer who was hired to design the statuette for the Emmy’s. This was way back in 1948, and while Louis used his wife’s lovely figure as inspiration, the statue of course isn’t a direct representation.

After all, the Emmy award statue has wings! That’s because Louis wanted to give a shout-out to the muse of art. If you’ve ever wondered what the statuette is holding, it’s an atom. Why an atom? To symbolize the art of science, of course! Music, science, lovely lady lumps…everyone wins!

Video Clip: Best Emmy Moment Ever

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart at the Emmys in what many think is the best and funniest Emmy moment ever!

Image Credit: “Emmy Award” by ITU Pictures is licensed underCC BY 2.0

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