Facts about the Human Body to Gross You Out

Facts about the Human Body

We’ve all experienced those embarrassing moments when our body betrays us. Whether a mistimed belch or an odorous…gas, our bodies are certainly rather gross. Unfortunately, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Interesting Facts about the Human Body That Will Fascinate You

1 Only 10% of cells in the human body are human; the rest are a mixture of bacteria and viruses as well as other micro-organisms.

2 The body sometimes stores fat cells in lumps that appear on the neck, torso, upper thighs, arms, and armpits. Though they look like tumors, they are painless and feel rubbery to the touch.

3 Demodex mites are extremely small spider-like mites that live in eyelashes; the chances they have colonized your eyelashes goes up the more you age.4 The average individual gets diarrhea about four times each year.

5 Both males and females have mammary ridges from their armpits to their thighs, sometimes leading to extra nipples or in some cases even extra breasts in strange places.

6 Foreskin from circumcised babies continues to grow so rapidly that laboratories frequently use them to produce about 4 acres of skin each for burn victims.

7 A teratoma is a potentially malignant tumor that has been known to grow hair, teeth, and even eyes and limbs.

8 There are an estimated 50 million various living bacteria on a single square inch of human skin. Even more amazing, oily surfaces, such as the face, may contain over 500 million bacteria per square inch.

9 Toenails collect microorganisms each and every day, causing them to yellow and eventually grow fungus.

10 The body sheds over eight pounds of skin over the course of a single year; microscopic life forms then feed on it.

11 Some of the more bacteria-filled parts of the human body, the intestines, are confusingly labeled. The small intestines are longer than the large intestines, measuring at about seven meters long. The large intestines are only one and a half meters long, but are labeled as the large intestines because they are wider than the small intestines.

A Journey Inside Your Body

Hey guys! Wanna go on an epic journey through the human body?   We’re gonna start with the mouth because it’s the gateway to the digestive system which  is designed specifically to transform food into useful nutrients that keep you energized and help your cells grow and repair.

By the way, did you know that the amount of saliva you produce in a year could fill 2 medium-sized bathtubs! Almost a pool full of drool! Yuck! But saliva comes in handy as it mixes with food and breaks it down even more. That way, your stomach doesn’t have to digest whole chunks of food. Interested? Then let’s do it! You’re gonna learn a lot about yourself!