Top 10 Facts about The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is one eerie TV series, but did you know that it is partly an homage to author Stephen King? The hometown of one of the main characters is King County, Georgia, which honors the horror/thriller writer. Moreover, a spin-off was supposed to be made based off the show, but it never happened.

Oh well, plenty of people still enjoy this creepy show. So we are here to show you the Top 10 Facts About The Walking Dead. For instance, the show’s creator also developed a comic character named Science Dog, who is referenced in the show on one of the characters’ T-shirts.

Fascinating Facts about the Walking Dead TV Show

1 Tough Break

Andrew J. West is the main character with the least on-screen time.

2 Age Difference

Emily Kinney was 25 years old when she joined the cast as 17-year-old Beth.

3 The Wire Meets The Walking Dead

3 actors from The Wire came onto the show: Chad L. Coleman, Seth Gilliam, and Lawrence Gilliard, Jr.

4 Timing it Perfectly

The last 8 episodes of Season 4 are scheduled to be 8 days in real time.

5 Customized Role

The role of Daryl Dixon was made especially for Norman Reedus, who first auditioned for the role of Merle Dixon.

6 Last Supper

The day before a character dies, they get a “last supper” on set.

7 Hard Labor

It took the crew 2 months to construct the show’s prison.

8 The Crew was Cast

Makeup artist and co-exec Greg Nicotero was featured in the show as a walker.

9 Frank’s Little-Known Name

His actual name is Ferenc Darabont, and the name ‘Ferenc’ is featured on some construction vehicles.

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10 Whoops, We Should’ve Told You

Residents in Atlanta, Georgia thought that one of the characters was an actual shooter during the filming.

11 Wacky Fan Theory?

A wacky fan theory says that the Governor on the show is actually a pirate. And some zombies are never out of makeup, so cast members tend to have a hard time recognizing them!

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Video: The Walking Dead Invades CONAN Atlanta

The CONAN studio audience is a great place to hide from walkers, but friendly fire can be a real danger.

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