Rich Facts about the Wealthy That’ll Amaze You

There are approximately 14,200 billionaires in the world right now. According to Forbes, it is estimated that there are 2.3 million millionaires in America alone. Some statistics say that 1 in every 5 households has $1 million or more in assets.

According to a study by the Economist, “the share of household wealth owned by the top 1% globally has increased from about 44% in 2000 to 48% in 2014. The next highest 9% saw their share of global household wealth rise from about 51% to around 59%. The share of total global wealth held by the bottom 90%, meanwhile, has fallen from 33% to around 29%.

The wealthiest people in the U.S. are getting wealthier too. According to Forbes, “in 2016, the number of billionaires on the list fell by one-third–but their collective net worth rose and they still hold more than $2 trillion in total.”

The wealthy tend to have more educated parents, and are more likely to have a college degree.
Education doesn’t influence income as much for the wealthy versus the poor.
The average wealthy person will earn $200,000 more in their lifetime.

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Unbelievable Facts about the Wealthy

1 John F. Kennedy is the richest U.S President with a net worth of up to $1 billion.

2 Bill Gates owns the most valuable book in the world: The Codex Leicester by Leonardo da Vinci. He paid a whopping $30,802,500 for it in November 1994.

3 Mark Cuban, the notorious owner of the Dallas Mavericks, holds the largest single e-commerce transaction record after purchasing a Gulfstream V jet over the Internet in October 1999.

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4 60% of billionaires are self-made, 26% made their wealth by re-investing their inherited wealth, and 13% inherited their billionaire status. Interestingly, over 65% of women billionaires inherited their billionaire status.

5 Despite Africa, India, Latin America and China accounting for 56% of the population in the world, they only account for 16% of the world’s wealth.

6 Only 7.5% of billionaires are worth over $10 billion (2015 Statistics).

7 The wealthiest 10% possess almost 90% of stocks excluding pensions.


8 David Rockefeller, Sr., the eldest and wealthiest member of the renowned oil family, weirdly has a collection of 160,000 beetles.

9 Suna Kirac, an heir to Koc Holding, one of Turkey’s largest conglomerates, contracted ALS disease in 2000 and can only communicate through her eyes. She is worth $2.3 billion in 2015.

10 There is a billionaire named God, God Nisanov. He has a net worth of approximately $4 billion dollars in 2021.

11 85 of the richest people in the world own more wealth than 3.5 billion of the poorest people. These numbers confirm the huge inequality in our society, and it is worse in such countries as Russia, Turkey, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Philippines. In Africa, the gap is so wide that half of the adults are in the bottom deciles while some individuals, such as Aliko Dangote, are in the top 1%.

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