Amazing Facts about ThunderCats

ThunderCats was a popular cartoon in the 1980s about sword-wielding cat-people and their quest to protect the Third Earth against the diabolical Mumm-Ra. Created by Tobin Wolf, ThunderCats brings out nostalgic memories of any 80’s kid.

Facts about ThunderCats  

1 The nostalgia that ThunderCats produced led to Warner Bros as well as Cartoon Network to reboot  

2 ThunderCats appeared with Superman in 2004 and they worked side by side to stop the evil Mumm-Ra from destroying the metropolis.

3 In the later years, many critics were convinced that the show had become a 30-minute toy commercial. Thus, advocacy group Action for Children’s Television lobbied to remove the show.

4 According to Social Security Administration, 29 kids were named after the female character Cheetara in 1987, which clearly indicated the influence of the show towards the parents.

5 ThunderCats toys often sell as high as thousands of dollars. In fact, the most expensive ThunderCats merchandise is the Mad Bubbler that burps bubbles. A painted version obtained from the toy creator was sold for $25,000.

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6 Licensing company Leisure Concepts sat during the development meetings to assess the marketing potential of the show. Eventually, the show used some characters requested by toy company LJN to increase the merchandise line of the show.

7 Since ThunderCats was based in the East Coast, the production team found it hard to hire writers to work on the show. The thing was that there weren’t too many writers working in the East Coast during that time. To solve the lack of writers, audio engineers and other staffs were encouraged to write stories for the show.

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8 The company created study guides for grade school students, thus ThunderCats became homework. It was common for teachers to ask their students to watch ThunderCats and prepare for the discussion about the lesson in the program on the following day.

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9 ThunderCats appeared on a live arena show with another infamous character – Gumby – considering that both characters belonged under the Telepictures Company.

10 The production team hired psychologist Robert Kuisis to evaluate the script of each episode to make sure that it had strong moral lessons attached to it since cartoons during the era of ThunderCats had bad reputations of being too violent. They wanted ThunderCats to impart lessons to kids about respect, truth, friendship, and justice.

11 ThunderCats is one of the most successful cartoon series during the 1980s and although its comeback series was botched, Warner Bros. is entertaining the idea of a CGI film, but its future is still uncertain.

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Video: ThunderCats Highlights

If you have never seen the show or just want a reminder, this clip is a fun way to get the gist of the show!

Image Credit: Chris Favero from USA, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons