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Little-Known Facts That Could Save Your Life

Facts that Could Save Your Life

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Ready to learn about some little-known facts that could save your life? Some of these survival tips and hints may seem pretty obvious once you hear them, but you probably have never even thought about them.

Knowing these facts will help you save your life or those of others during a crisis or emergency situation and help you better protect yourself and your loved ones.

Some Facts That Could Save Your Life!

1. Never Use Bleach and Ammonia together

If you are cleaning, be careful not to use these two products together. Ammonia is often in window cleaner and bleach is often in counter and sink and floor cleaners. These ingredients can mix to for chloramine which can be toxic.

2. Square Ocean Waves

If you see these unusual square waves in the ocean get out immediately. The square waves can drag you down in an instant and are quite dangerous! They are so dangerous they have even caused ships to wreck! They are found near the coast as well as out in the open ocean. They are formed when waves moving in opposite directions collide.

3. Smell of Fish or Urine? 

If you smell this pungent smell and there is no explanation like a cat, you could have a wiring leak and the wiring could be melting. This could lead to the wiring melting or an explosion.

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4. Don’t Extinguish a Kitchen Fire with Water

If you have a fire that is caused by cooking oil in the kitchen don’t try to extinguish it with water. Water can cause the flames to get higher and create a worse situation. Instead, make sure you turn off the heat and then cover the skillet with a lid. Also if it is still a small fire you can use some baking soda or salt to douse the flames too. 

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Video: 20 Unknown Facts That Might Save Your Life One Day

Most people don’t even think about being in danger, but anyone can find themselves in a position when a lot is at stake. And it might happen when no one’s around to save the day. Panicking, implementing the wrong order of actions, or underestimating the seriousness of the situation can lead to very bad consequences. And often, it’s due to a lack of knowledge.

In this case, you’ll have to become your own hero, so learning some basic safety and survival tricks is absolutely crucial. Do you know, for example, why you should never use bleach and cleaning products that contain ammonia at the same time and in the same room? Or why the smell of urine or fish at home, for no apparent reason, should set off alarm bells in your head? You don’t? So here’s a list of facts that can help you act rationally in a critical situation.


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