10 Fallout Facts That’ll Surprise Even The Biggest Trivia Buff

Fallout has become a very popular video game series, so let’s take a look at some of the lesser-known facts behind this action RPG. Here is our list of 10 Fallout facts that’ll surprise even the biggest trivia buff. For example, Yao Guai are actually just bears with a scary mutation and an even scarier temper. And for some reason, the people of Capital Wasteland are super resilient; they can survive gunshots to the head! Ready for more fun trivia about Fallout? Then keep reading and you’ll be exposed to a much wider world of Fallout knowledge. You’re welcome.

10 Healing Toilet Bowls

If you get wounded, stick your injury in a toilet to heal it.

9 You Can’t Trust Robots

Although it’s called PROTECTron, this robot won’t protect you.

8 Historical Accuracy

The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima inspired the Megaton bomb in the game.

7 Never-ending Pocket Room

Like many games, in Fallout, you can carry almost infinite weapons in your pockets, regardless of size.

6 Go Ahead, Dig in

Even super-old and crusty food is edible in the Fallout universe. Yum!

5 Stop and Chat

When you converse with someone else, the surrounding action just seemed to freeze.

4 That’s a Good Friend

NPCs (non-playable characters,) will stand by your side and wait for you to complete missions.

3 Ghouls are Dumb

They can be tricked into believing you’re one of them just by wearing a Ghoul Mask.

2 Bonus Feature?

Playing as a female allows you to have a threesome with Sierra Petrovita and Ronald Laren.

1 Those Toilets Again

The only clean water seems to be in those toilets.

+ Bonus Knowledge Nuggets

Sure, there are some strange happenings and goofs in this game, but it is still loads of fun for many players. The ‘Bloody Mess’ perk allows you to shoot of a person’s limbs just by shooting their foot.

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