10 Fun Fraggle Rock Facts You Don’t Want To Miss

Fraggle Rock was released in 1983 by Jim Henson as a new breed of family entertainment. The series lasted for five seasons and it featured the different fun-loving Fraggle.

The show became a global hit during its release. If you grew up watching this live action puppet television series, below are 10 fun Fraggle Rock facts that are surely read-worthy.

Fun Facts about Fraggle Rock

1 The Fraggles were called as Woozles during the early versions. However, they discontinued using the name after realizing that Winnie the Pooh already had a creature called Woozles.

2 The Ben Folds Five debuted their music video Do It Anyway in 2012 featuring the characters of Wembley, Gobo, Red, Mokey, Boober, and Traveling Matt.

3 It has an animated version released in 1987 on NBC. However, the animated series only lasted for one season.

4 The Fraggles were created with their puppeteer in mind meaning that the Fraggles have uncanny similarities with their puppeteers.

5 The show is great for adults who are the creative types too. The show has its own logic and philosophy and is quite appealing to musicians and artists.

6 The target audience the show was reaching for were the mid-kids or those who were yet to achieve puberty within a few years. These are the kids who are easily lost in the magic of music, fantasy, and storytelling. Thus, this show is not for toddlers.

7 In order for different audiences from different countries to connect with the show, the “human segment” changed according to the location where the show is aired. For instance, countries like the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Netherlands, Scandinavia, Ireland, and Spain see the human inventor named Doc and his dog named Sprocket. British audiences, on the other hand, are familiar with The Captain and his dog Sprocket. In France, Doc is a chef while his dog was Croquette.

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8 It was the first TV show in the United States to be broadcasted in the Soviet Union. It was first introduced in Soviet Union at the Moscow Film Festival in 1984.

9 The show was created for the global audience. In fact, it was broadcasted in 90 countries and dubbed in 13 languages.

10 Fraggle Rock is an HBO First original series. The show owed its success to HBO.

Fraggle Rock Summary

The imagination of Jim Henson paved the way to the creation of Fraggle Rock. With its ups and downs through the years, Fraggle Rock remains one of the most interesting puppet entertainments for both kids and adults alike. With its popularity, Fraggle Rock lives on as a new CG animated series and is rumored to hit the big screen soon.

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Video:The History of Fraggle Rock

In the fourth part of the six-part series on Jim Henson, DefunctTV explores the history of HBO’s Fraggle Rock and the Dark Crystal. Honestly this is one of my favorite shows ever!

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