Surprising Facts About Funeral Potatoes?

Funeral Potatoes

You may never have heard the term “funeral potatoes,” but after reading a bit about them, we can be sure that you will be scrambling to make this dish. The recipe is a tradition in the Mormon church, but you do not have to go to Utah or the Church of Latter-Day Saints to eat this recipe.

Our list of 10 happy facts about funeral potatoes will tell you all about preparing and modifying this casserole. Learn about where it comes from, why it has its morbid-sounding name, and what the big deal is about cornflakes. After reading through our entire list, we can bet that you will be salivating in front of your computer.

Fascinating Facts about Funeral Potatoes

1 Unknown Information

The exact origins and history of how funeral potatoes got heavily involved with the Mormon church is unknown.

2 A Potluck Staple

Head to any lunch gathering at the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and you will find funeral potatoes.

3 Kick it Up a Notch

Other people like their funeral potatoes spicy with smoked ham, bacon, jalapenos, or other peppers.

4 A Corny Variation

Another version of the recipe calls for crushed corn flakes on top of the funeral potato casserole.

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5 A Simple Ingredients List

The typical foods in this dish are: russet potatoes, heavy cream, parmesan cheese, garlic, thyme, and salt.

6 A Happier Use for Potatoes

Funeral potatoes (also sometimes called scalloped potatoes) can also be served at church and holiday functions.

7 Eat This, Not That

If you like potatoes au gratin, then you will love funeral potatoes!

8 Mormon Munchies

You are most likely to taste funeral potatoes at a Mormon funeral or burial service.

9 A Morbid Origin

This potato casserole dish is traditionally served as a side dish at funerals and wakes.

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10 Know Your Name

The term “funeral potatoes” actually refers to the casserole.

11 Must Be a Local

The American state of Utah even has its own special Funeral Potato Contest at its Utah State Fair. Contestants are required to use ingredients from Utah only.

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Video:How To Make Cheesy Funeral Potatoes

This is a great video walk along if you want to make your own cheese funeral potatoes.

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