Cool German Shepherd Facts You Don’t Want To Miss

If you are a dog lover, then you are going to love our list of cool German Shepherd facts! For instance, the “Panda Shepherd” is a German Shepherd with unusual coloring, and a famous German Shepherd even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

A sport was created just for them, called Schutzhund, and it is a test in physical endurance and agility. You can thank the initial breeder of the German Shepherd, Max von Stephanitz for these incredible doggies! They are so cute and super-smart. In fact, about 95% of them learn a command on the very first try!

Fascinating Facts about German Shepherds

1German Shepherd Health Woes

Some common problems include hip dysplasia and ear infections.

2They Require a Lot of Grooming

German Shepherds shed all year round; hence the double fur coat.

3Fur Color Discrimination?

Some German Shepherds are solid white, but aren’t allowed in the AKC Competitions.

4A Heavy Fur Coat

The German Shepherd has two layers of fur – the inner layer provides extra insulation.

5Two-Toned Isn’t the Only Fur Color

Other German Shepherds may be a solid color, such as all black.

6German Shepherds are Extremely Intelligent

Many pups get house trained when they’re just 8 weeks old!

7 Everyone Loves a German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular family dogs, as well as police and training dogs.

8 A Shepherd’s Best Friend

As the name suggests, these dogs were known for their helpfulness in the fields.

9 The Name Game

A German Shepherd used to be known as an Alsatian Wolf Dog.

10 The Breed is Fairly Young

At least, compared to other dog breeds; the German Shepherd originates to 1899.

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+Bonus Knowledge Nuggets

Who doesn’t love these dogs? German Shepherds are ranked the 3rd most intelligent dog breed and when they bite down on something, it is equal to the pressure of 238 pounds! They live to be about 11 years old, on average and they’re downright adorable!