Astonishing Gold Facts Nobody Told You

Who doesn’t love gold? Whether necklaces, rings, or hoop earrings. We have an affinity with this metal, and why? It is absolutely stunning and looks gorgeous as a bangle or other pretty bauble. Well, how about some interesting nuggets about this admired element?

Here are some astonishing gold facts that you are not aware of.  So read up and get everything you need to know here – No chemistry class required! We are certainly carried away to learn that we could eat the stuff if we wanted to, and it has been around for a super-long time!

Glorious Facts about Gold

1 Gold vs. Sun

No wonder space explorers use gold in their visors; the element helps to block the sun’s UV rays.

2 Where’s the rest?

They are found in mouth (dental implants), technology (electronics), and hospitals (medical projects.)

3 It’s All About That Jewelry

About 78% of the gold found around the world is used to make jewelry.

4 Gold Rush to South Africa!

People went to South Africa to find 2/3 of the world’s gold in 1886. This actually led to the establishment of Johannesburg, South Africa.

5 Gold Has an Inspiring Origin

In the beginning, scientists say that gold most likely came from neutron stars (also known as dead stars.)

6 Gold is Just Really Pretty Space Junk

Scientists say that gold originated from space and collided with the earth some four billion years ago.

7 Grills Aren’t a New Thing

The ancient Celtic tradition used gold teeth back in the third century B.C.

8 Gold is used in Space

It’s actually used to construct the visors on astronaut’s space suits.

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9 We’re Using it in Medicine Now

Medical researchers and scientists are utilizing the element to treat patients with cancer.

10 They Loved Gold Even Back Then

Gold has been used in jewelry-making since 4,000 BC.

11 Pure Gold has a different shade than most people realize

Pure gold is actually a ruddier reddish color. Gold was also a popular item for shamans and was used to treat epilepsy, depression, alcoholism, migraines, and loss of menstruation among females in earlier times. Some forms of gold salt have anti-inflammatory properties, too!

Video -Top 5 Facts about Gold

In this instalment we’re counting down the five most fascinating things that you probably didn’t know about gold! Personally I was most surprised by #4.