Google Facts They Don’t Want You to Know

It’s the Google, everyone loves the Google. Seriously though, Google is slowly taking over the world, so you better watch out. You never know when that unmarked white Google van will pass by and snap your picture for GoogleMaps.

So here we are with our list of 10 Google facts they don’t want you to know. For example, Google was founded by two Stanford Ph.D students in the late 1990s. The name ‘Google’ comes from a mathematical term, googol. One googol is equal to 1 with a hundred zeroes following it. That’s a large number. Read on to learn more about everyone’s favorite stalker search engine!

Fascinating Google Facts

1 Misspelled Googles are Owned by Google

This includes “Gooogle” and “Gogle.”

2 Google Founders Have Flight Privileges

They can have their private planes on NASA’s runway…nobody can do that!

3 Google Ditched the “!”

It used to be Google! But now it’s just Google. Boring!

4 The First Google Doodle

It was on August 30, 1998 and featured a stick figure of a “Burning Man.”

5 Google Recruits New Employees

They use, a web application that can recruit people based on their Internet searches.

6 Google Takes Companies Down

Every week, Google buys out a company.

7 “I’m Feeling Lucky” was Expensive

It reportedly cost $110 million for Google to maintain that pesky button.

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8 They Killed the “I’m Feeling Lucky” Button

Thanks to Google Instant, you can no longer press that cheeky button.

9 Google Goes Green

They periodically have goats mow their front lawn at Google HQ.

10. The First Edition of Google

Was going to be called…Backrub. Okay!

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11 The Lego Connection

Google sure does love Lego. In fact, their first computer was stored in a box made of lego blocks. Pretty cool, huh? Another perk? Google provides the surviving spouse of a deceased Google employee 50% of their yearly salary for a decade.

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