Grace Boor – 30 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know about the TikTok Star!

A goddess from the United States, Grace Boor is best known for her modeling and fitness content on Instagram. The popular teen sensation regularly uploads beautiful bikini modeling pictures and videos on her social media accounts on TikTok and Instagram. The teenage star is also recognized for her bikini modeling posts that she frequently shares on social media. Going by the nickname Grace, she has light brown hair and enchanting blue eyes. Her distinctive features include her flawless, thick eyebrows and well-toned physical appearance with the measurements 36-28-36. Grace Boor is basically a simple social media star who is deep into fitness and loves flaunting her fit and attractive body on digital platforms.

Here Are Some Amazing Facts about the Ultimate Social Media Favorite Grace Boor:

1. Grace Was Born in Indiana but Spent Her Life in Florida

Although born in Indianapolis, Indiana, the United States, on September 9, 2002, Grace Boor has lived much of her life in Orlando, Florida. The teenage TikTok star is 19 years old.

2. Grace’s Nationality

The famous TikTok star is American.

3. Grace’s Ethnicity

Grace Boor’s is white.

4. Grace Has a Younger Sister

Grace Boor has a younger sister named Gabriella.

5. Grace’s Height and Physique

Grace Boor has an attractive body, and her height is also attractive. Although the TikTok star’s exact height and weight aren’t public, she could be around 5 ft 6 inches tall and weighs 55 kg.

6. Grace Is a Virgo

Grace Boor’s zodiac sign is Virgo.

7. Grace Is Currently Living in Los Angeles

According to her Instagram account, Grace Boor is currently living in Los Angeles, United States.

8. Grace Has Participated in Several Beauty Pageants

Before becoming famous, Grace Boor has competed in several beauty pageants. In 2019 she won the title of Miss Windmere Teen USA.

9. Grace Is a Beauty with Brains

Being a literal definition of beauty with brains, Grace Boor finished her High School education with good grades.

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10.  Grace Graduated from the U.S. State University

The famous model has done her bachelor’s from US State University.

11.  Grace Did Her First Job in High School

Grace Boor took her first job in high school. It was working for an Italian ice place called Jeremiah.

12.  Grace is Currently in a Relationship

Grace Boor is currently in a relationship with John Grillo.

13.  Grace Has 905K+ Followers

Grace Boor’s modeling pictures have earned over 905,000 followers on her Instagram account titled @graceboor.

14.  Grace Has 1.7 Million Likes On Her TikTok

Known for her eponymous TikTok page titled graceboor_TikTok, Grace Boor has accumulated almost 850,000 followers and amassed 1.7 million video likes till date.

15.  Grace Doesn’t Have a Wikipedia Page Yet

Though Grace Boor doesn’t have a Wikipedia biography, you can read about her on her mini-bios on several websites.

16.  Grace Is Famous On Reddit Too

Grace Boor was also a popular name on Reddit. You can find some of her bikini pictures on their official account.

17.  Grace Has Partnered With Various Brands

Till date, Grace Boor has promoted and endorsed various brands. This includes Whavyco, Beach Bunny Swimwear, BOUTINE Los Angeles, and Tiger Mist.

18.  Grace Also Has a YouTube Channel

Grace Boor joined the YouTube community with a self-titled channel named Grace Boor on August 13, 2020. On September 29, 2020, she uploaded her first video titled BIKINI HAUL // BOUTINELLA // GRACE BOOR.

19.  Grace Also Shared a Sentimental Photo with Her Family in 2017

One of the earliest Instagram posts uploaded by Grace Boor was uploaded on July 14, 2017. The post was a memorable picture of her, along with her younger sister Gabrielle and her mother.

20.  Grace Has Also Appeared in Music Videos

Grace Boor has also worked in several music videos along with renowned music artists, including songwriter and singer Alec Benjamin’s Oh My God in April 2020.

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21.  Grace is Represented by Marc Colcer

The social media influencer is represented by Marc Colcer.

22.  Grace Wants to Be a Sports Illustrated Cover Model

Grace Boor’s dream job is to be a Sports Illustrated cover model.

23.  Grace’s Favorite Food Is Avocado and Peanut Roll

Although she loves to have sushi, Grace Boor’s favorite food is a peanut and avocado roll.

24.  Grace Loves to Explore Los Angeles

Grace Boor’s all-time favorite place to travel is Los Angeles, mainly because there’s always something new to do like she recently visited the Los Angeles Disneyland for the first time.

25.  Grace’s Favorite Place is Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach, Los Angeles, is one of her favorite places to chill and relax.

26.  Grace’s Dream Place to Live in Is Greece

Grace Boor’s ideal place of residence is Greece.

27.  Grace Loves Rom-Com Movies

The model’s favorite Genre is Romantic Comedy. However, her all-time favorite movie is Crazy Rich Asians. For every single day in her junior high, she came home, turned on the TV, put on the movie, and did her homework while adoring the luxurious and romantic lifestyle of the characters.

28.  Grace Dreads Snakes

Grace Boor’s biggest fear is to get bitten by snakes.

29.  Grace Loves Chick-fil-A

Grace Boor’s favorite fast-food chain is Chick Fil A. She is a big fan of their Spicy Southwest Salad.

30.  Grace Would Love to Have the Power to Read Minds

The one superpower that Grace Boor wants is mind reading. She wants to know what people are thinking about her and her content.

Follow Grace Boor on TikTok and Instagram to Keep Up with Her Real Life

Grace Boor is famous amongst her fans as a self-made video content creator who generally uploads videos on two international digital streaming platforms- TikTok and Youtube. If you are already following her, you clearly know that Grace’s curvy body and attractive face can take a man to his knees. Want to know more about the teen star’s personal and professional lifestyle? Follow Grace Boor on her Instagram account:

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From being known for her exclusive bikini shoots to her stylish, fashionable outfits, the teen diva has a huge fan following on her Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube accounts. Popular for her stellar looks and perfect body, Grace Boor is one of the world’s most successful social media influencers and models. With a body figure of 36-28-36, the young fitness freak is the face of many renowned bikini brands. The global fan following of “Grace Lovers” is more than 905k followers on Instagram and over 850k subscribers on TikTok.

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