Luscious Guinness Facts You Won’t Believe are Real

Guinness Beer Facts

Guinness is a brand that is known worldwide. Yet, there are many aspects of the dark brew that are unknown. Here are 10 fascinating Guinness facts that may shock you:

Unbelievable Facts about Guinness Beer

1 Guinness has some small health benefits, as studies have shown it contains the same antioxidants found in fruits that slow down the deposit of cholesterol in the heart.

2 Guinness uses Irish grown barley and water from the Wicklow Mountains to brew their beverages.

3 Guinness’ product became known as a porter due to its popularity among U.K. porters and stevedores.

4 Of Arthur Guinness’ 21 children, only 10 survived to carry on his legacy.

5 Guinness contains 4.2% alcohol by volume, at least .8% less than the average beer.

6 Most beers use carbon dioxide to carbonate their drink, while Guinness uses a mixture of both CO2 and nitrogen bubbles.

7 Despite popular conception, a pint of Guinness is relatively low in calories with only 125 calories per 12 oz.

8 Though the beer is typically associated as black, the brew is a deep red color as a result of roasting malted barley.

9 Arthur Guinness’ initial lease on his first mill was signed to last for 9,000 years.

10 Guinness’ “founding father” is Arthur Guinness, who started the first brewery in Dublin.

11 It may surprise you to discover the United States is only the fifth largest consumer and market for Guinness beer. Ranking ahead of it are the countries Britain, Nigeria, Ireland, and Cameroon. Nearly 40% of all Guinness beer is consumed in Africa.

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