15 Fun Facts about Gwen Gwiz

Gwen Gwiz is a popular content creator with over 505k subscribers on her YouTube channel. All of her videos revolve around ASMR which is why people love watching her relaxing videos. In fact, her YouTube is all about helping people relax and fall asleep by using ASMR.

Gwen does not post much about her personal life on YouTube. So we dug deeper to find some of the most fun and interesting facts about her personal life that most people don’t know!

Here Are Some of the Most Fun Facts that You Need to Know About Gwen Gwiz

1. Gwen is Canadian

Gwen Gwiz is a Canadian YouTuber who is primarily known for her ASMR videos posted on her YouTube channel called GwenGwiz ASMR. She hails from the scenic country of Canada and was born in Toronto, Ontario.

2. She is a cat person

Gwen is a cat person and owns two really cute cats called Maui and Beau. They are her best videos and you will always find her posting cute videos of her cats on her Instagram, as they happen to be a huge part of her life.

3. She is very much into healthy eating

Gwen loves to post about what she eats. Most of her meals are vegan and healthy. In fact, her favorite meal happens to be a good old smoothie bowl which, according to her, she could eat for the rest of her life if she had to eat one food all of her life. She also loves to cook and make her favorite meals every once in a while. You will find her cooking videos on her Instagram account.

4. She is a nature person

Gwen is a huge nature-lover. She loves nature and you will always find her posting pictures of beautiful skies from her apartment window. She loves taking beautiful pictures of sky and sunsets. She also likes to go for a walk or a picnic in the park whenever she gets a chance. She also loves visiting the beach which, according to her, is quite healing.

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5. She is a book lover

Gwen loves to read books. One of her favorite books that she recently read is State of Fear by Michael Crichton, which is a New York Times Bestseller. You will always find her reading. While most of the people spend their Friday nights out with friends, Gwen spends them reading her favorite books.

6. She loves flowers

She loves flowers so much that she buys fresh ones daily for all the vases in her house. According to her, you shouldn’t wait for a boyfriend to buy you flowers. You should buy them for yourself!

7. She has a minimalistic house

Gwen loves decorating her house. The entire aesthetic of her house is very minimalistic with a lot of whites and neutral colors.

8. She is big on self-healing

Gwen often talks about how bad energy is harmful for your mental health. She believes in self-healing which can be achieved by spending time in nature and introspecting. She often talks about anxiety and how to overcome it.

9. She studied at Ryerson University

Gwen studied at Ryerson University where she attended the RTA school of Media Program.

10.  Gwen loves traveling, shopping, and dancing

These are some of the top hobbies of Gwen.

11.  She has three YouTube channels

That’s right! This diva has a main channel where she posts about veganism and beauty. Then she has a daily vlogs channel where she makes random videos and daily vlogs about her life, her shopping hauls, what she wore in various places and what she ate. And the third channel with the most subscribers (currently 505k) is an ASMR channel where she posts relaxation and sleep videos related to ASMR.

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12.  Her boyfriend is named Matty

Although Gwen does not post much about her boyfriend, Matty, she once shared a video with him in 2018.

13.  She is a Libra

Gwen Gwiz was born on October 1st., 1995, which makes her a Libra. She shares her birthday with Theresa May, Sarah Drew, Brie Larson, and Matthew Daddario.

14.  Her aesthetic sense is one of the best

We get to see Gwen’s aesthetic sense in her videos, Instagram posts, and in her home décor. In fact, her Instagram feed itself is very aesthetically pleasing. She is very conscious about that as she maintains the same color palette on her Instagram posts and makes sure nothing disrupts the feel of it.

15.  She loves smoothies

You will always find her slurping on different smoothies, especially the green and healthy ones. It is her favorite ‘meal’, as she likes to call them.

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So these are some of the most fun and interesting facts about your favorite ASMR creator Gwen Gwiz! The most favorite thing about her for us is definitely her love for flowers and books. Every girl loves flowers but not many take it as seriously as buying them every day, like Gwen! She is also a huge book lover and has a great aesthetic sense. You can follow Gwen Gwiz on her Instagram and see for yourself what we are talking about! You can also stay updated with her latest posts and stories where she shares glimpses of her daily life.

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