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Who Is Halston Sage and Some Interesting Facts to Know about Her

Halston Sage facts

Halston Sage was born on May 10, 1993 and has come a long way in a short span of time. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, California with two younger siblings. She is Jewish and still resides in her hometown. Her acting career started at the tender age of 18 and has since skyrocketed, given that she has starred alongside some of the biggest names in the industry.

Not many people know about her incredible achievements like the fact that she had an appearance in the 2019 X-Men film Dark Phoenix as Dazzler. With more than 690K followers on Instagram, she leads an active social life hanging out with friends, bike-riding, watching movies from the eighties and relishing simple things in life like oatmeal raisin cookies.

Intrigued? We’ve compiled a list of relatively less known facts about Halston to make you more familiar with the budding actress.

Interesting Facts about Halston Sage

1. Her real name is Halston Jean Schrage

Sage was born in a Jewish family as Halston Jean Schrage. Her parents Lenny and Tema Schrage had two other children after her named Max and Kate. After she began her acting career, she shortened her name to Halston Sage.

2. She began her acting career in 2011

Halston was fond of acting from an early age actively taking up roles in school plays. She has also been fond of writing, penning short stories and serving as the Editor for her high school newspaper. She landed her first mainstream acting role in 2011 with Nickelodeon’s How to Rock. The series had only 25 episodes and began airing in February 2012.

She also had cameos in Nickelodeon’s Bucket & Skinner’s Epic Adventures as well as Victorious.

3. She has starred alongside leading names like Gillian Anderson, Emma Watson, Jack Black, and Bella Thorne

Over the years, Halston has garnered enough of a reputation to star alongside some of the most notable names in Hollywood. Her first major appearance was in 2013 alongside Gillian Anderson in the short but interesting NBC television thriller show Crisis. She played Anderson’s daughter Amber in the series. In the same year, she also featured alongside Emma Watson in The Bling Ring.

In 2014, Halston played the role of Zac Efron’s girlfriend, Brooke Shy, in the movie Neighbors. The movie also had Seth Rogen amongst the star cast. In 2015, she added the honor of being cast alongside Cara Delavigne in Paper Towns to her resume. In the same year she was also seen in the role of Kendall besides Jack Black in Sony Pictures Production titled Goosebumps.

4. Halston was a competitive horse rider before pursuing a career in acting

During her high school days, Halston pursued a lot of hobbies and passions. She was a competitive horse rider and did so for eight years. Her passion for these animals remains strong to this day. She posted to her Twitter and Instagram that a “horse at a photo shoot? Best photo shoot ever”.

5. She is an avid dog lover

Besides horses, Halston loves dogs. She has had two dogs in the past who have constantly featured on her Instagram feed on occasions like National Puppy Day and even Valentine’s Day. She hasn’t posted a picture with her dogs in a while though. Halston had a Golden Doodle and an Alaskan Klee Kai. She loves taking them out on walks openly confessing her profound love for them.  

6. Halston is rumored to have dated Hollywood heartthrob Zac Efron

Halston and Zac Efron go way back. The two were first rumored to be dating while they were starring in the movie Neighbors together. Although no official confirmation was made from either side, the news made headlines after the two were spotted sharing some affectionate moments courtside at a basketball game in April 2014.

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However, the two went their separate ways and Halston started being paired with Seth McFarlane. Halston and Efron though are being regarded as an item again these days after having spent the holidays during lockdown together according to Us Weekly. The two are reported to be in “a serious relationship” though once again, neither side has confirmed anything.

7. She was part of the science-fiction series The Orville as well as the hit comedy Grown Ups 2

Halston’s incredible acting accomplishments have grown significantly in the 5 years that she has been in Hollywood. Her biggest milestone is probably starring with Adam Sandler and Chris Rock in Grown Ups 2. Her most talked about performance though was in the science fiction comedy drama called The Orville. She played the role of Lieutenant Alara Kitan on the USS Orville crew and although the show itself wasn’t received very well, Halston’s portrayal earned praise from fans and critics.

She wasn’t part of the show’s second season however having left the crew to spend time with her family according to the storyline.

8. Halston was named Variety’s ‘Top 10 Stars to Watch’

In 2017, Halston was named amongst Variety Magazine’s ‘Top 10 Stars to Watch’. Other stars on the same list included Ross Butler from 13 Reasons Why, China Anne McClain from Black Lightning and Taylor John Smith from Sharp Objects.

9. She is currently starring in Prodigal Son on Fox

Halston is presently cast in Prodigal Son, an American procedural drama show that began premiering in 2019 and has completed two seasons. The show also stars Tom Payne, Michael Sheen and Catherine Zeta-Jones in lead roles.

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10.  She paused production and moved to Los Angeles during the pandemic

The pandemic was a tough time for many people including actors. In an article for Variety magazine, she talked about “missing our ‘normal’ but we will be back.” She also discussed that nothing mattered more during this time than being able to “lean on those you love – even if that means leaning on the disinfected screen of a FaceTime call.”

Halston Sage on “Growing Up” with Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff in “Paper Towns”

The actress and Los Angeles native spoke to Vanity Fair about life on set with co-stars Cara Delevingne and Nat Wolff, and more during the filming of her movie Paper Towns. You can watch her thoughts here:

Halston Sage Is Active on Social Media Especially Instagram

Halston has 693K followers on her Instagram and often shares fun, exciting content including the things going on in her life with the fans. Her feed is colorful and offers a glimpse into the life that this beauty leads day-to-day. Check her out and give her a follow here:


From starring in high school plays to being a well-known actress in Hollywood, Halston Sage has had an exciting journey. Her path to success continues with her more recent endeavors and we are excited to witness what and how she delivers in the future.

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