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Amazing Hedgehog Facts to Blow Your Mind

Hedgehog Facts

Ready to learn more about the hedgehog? While you may love that famous mascot of Sega, get ready to learn about the real-life version! Hedgehogs are actually really interesting, and these cute critters are more than meets the eye.

So let’s take a look at some of the amazing hedgehog facts that will blow your mind. From their versatility in various climates to how they raise their babies and mates, you will be astounded!

We also love the fact that a hedgehog could fit in our purse or hand! Are you ready to find out more? Then get reading our awesome list of hedgehog facts.

Fascinating Facts about Hedgehogs

1 They Spit on Themselves!

Hedgehogs cover their spines in saliva when they become aware of an interesting scent.

2 They Have Bad Eyesight!

Because of their poor eyesight, hedgehogs depend largely on their sense of smell and hearing.

3 A Flea’s Paradise!

Hedgehogs can have up to 500 fleas on them at a given time; gross!

4 Flex Those Muscles!

The spines on a hedgehog’s back are raised by the hedgehog’s muscles.

5 Beware of Foxes

The natural predator of a hedgehog is the fox; good thing hedgehogs have spines!

6 Up All Night

Hedgehogs are nocturnal, so you are not likely to spot them during the day.

7 A Hedgehog’s Diet

Hedgehogs love to eat small critters, such as worms, bugs, snails, frogs, mice, centipedes, and even snakes.

8 How the Hedgehog Got its Name

They were named based on their eating habits; they are foragers and often find food in hedges and shrubs.

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9 They Shed Like Crazy

With all of those spines, expect a hedgehog to shed numerous spines every year to grow new ones.

10 They Have Thousands of Spines

Do not even try to count, because a typical hedgehog has a whopping 5,000 spines!

10 They are in Many Countries

Hedgehogs can be found in many continents including Europe, Africa and Asia. They can also live in diverse habitats including deserts, savannas, scrublands and forests.

Video: Montage of the Cutest Hedgehog Ever!

Hedgehogs make cute pets. This is a collection of cute hedgehog videos and funny hedgehog videos. Check out this cute and funny hedgehog video compilation.

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