Incredible Hinduism Facts

Hinduism Facts

If you are not a practicing Hindu, then there is probably quite a lot that you do not know about this religion. Even so, we see remnants of Hinduism in many places; after all, it is practiced throughout the world. You do not need to travel to India to learn more about this religion; we have a list of 10 incredible Hinduism facts to blow your mind. From their eating habits and their views on sex, to their ideas on how the world was created, these are some crunchy nuggets that will open up your mind to a whole new belief system.

The Most Incredible Facts about Hinduism

1 Hinduism Includes Multiple Theologies

There are also different sects and beliefs, making it a very inclusive and diverse religion.

2 There is No Holy Book

Christianity has the Bible, Judaism has the Torah, Islam has the Koran, but Hinduism doesn’t have a holy book.

3 Yogas are Different Ways to Achieve Salvation

There is a wide variety of yogas (or margas) that can help you to  improve your karma and work towards salvation.

4 Hindus Long to Reach Moksha

This means ‘salvation,’ which is when you stop being reborn and you become part of the ‘absolute soul.’

5 Hindus Believe in Karma

The actions that you perform in this life will determine what you are reincarnated as in your next life.

6 Hinduism Believes in Reincarnation

Meaning that when Hindus die, they are thought to be reborn as another person, animal, or element.

7 There are Three Top Gods

They are Brahma (creator,) Vishnu (preserver,) and Shiva (destroyer of the universe).

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8 Hinduism Worships Many Gods

There are quite a number of gods and deities who are in the form of both humans and animals.

9 Hinduism Has No Known Founder

Rather, the religion had a very organic growth into a full-blown religious faith.

10 Hinduism is Super Popular in India

While only 13.8% of the world population practices Hinduism, a whopping 80.5% of people in India do.

10 Bonus Knowledge Nuggets

Let’s explore this widespread religion a bit more. In some circles, Hinduism is known as “the eternal law” or “the eternal way” and is beyond human understanding or creation. Hinduism also uses some cosmology and study of the stars and space. Its texts are gleaned from the “heard” and “remembered!”


What Is Hinduism??

What is Hinduism? Hinduism, the religion of over a billion people, is the world’s oldest religion and the most confusing one to non-Hindus. It makes billions of people around the world ask, What is Hinduism? Some say it isn’t even a religion, more a way of life. Hindus themselves call it Sanātana Dharma, the eternal tradition. So what is Hinduism, does YOLO apply to them, and who is that elephant god? Hinduism is the world’s oldest active religion. It’s the result of the merging of the ancient Indus Valley civilisation and nomads that came into India around 1500BC. Some scholars say it could even go back many more thousands of years. Hinduism has a long long history. But today we’ll be focusing just on the core beliefs of Hindus because I don’t have the willpower to animate a 3-hour video. Hinduism is so diverse, so deep, and means so many different things to different people. Learning even the basics of this fascinating and ancient religion gives us an insight into the worldview of over a billion people.