The Saddest Facts about Homelessness

Homelessness is a terrible affliction in modern day society. Thousands of people struggle to find shelter each and every night. Many pass by homeless people without so much of a second glance, but perhaps that will change after reading our list of 10 homelessness facts.

Facts about Homelessness

1 According to a study conducted in San Francisco, 17% of homeless youth are HIV positive.

2 There is only enough public rental assistance to aid 25% of low income families unable to afford their rent.

3 California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Massachusetts account for more than half of the homeless population in the US.

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4 57,849 United States veterans were homeless on a surveyed night on January 2013.

5 The number of homeless people with children is the fastest growing segment of the homeless population, coming in at 35%.

6 Over the past year in the United States, 3.5 million people were forced to sleep in parks, shelters, cars, or even under bridges.

7 It’s estimated that the housing wage for 2013 was $18.79 per hour, much higher than the average hourly wage of an American renter ($14.32).

8 Drug addiction is an unfortunate problem among the numbers of the homeless, and 20% report having some sort of addiction.

9 One fourth of the population of homeless people are children under the age of 18.

10 There are three degrees of homelessness: wanderers (gypsies), migratory wanderers (for example: farmers who migrate), and refugees.

11Jerome Murdough was a 57-year-old homeless veteran in New York with mental health issues. His death drew public scrutiny after he was arrested for sleeping in a stairwell on a cold night and then died of hypothermia while in his cell. The case serves as a chilling anecdote on the status of homelessness and the corresponding attitude towards those afflicted.

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Joe Rogan | What is Going on with the Homeless in LA?

In this excellent clip, Joe describes the situation in one of the largest cities in America, Los Angeles. Los Angeles has the largest chronic homeless population in the US – interesting lessons here for anyone interested in this topic.