10 Interesting Honey Bee Facts You Never Knew

If you are like the rest of us, in that you know precisely two things about honey bees – one that they produce honey and the other that they have distinct black and yellow stripes on their bodies, then it is time that you delve a little deeper into why it is that honey bees are so endlessly fascinating to naturalists and why there are people with a lifetime’s worth of hobby-time spent on studying and observing them.

Did you know, for instance, that honey bees are the primary reason plants and trees can reproduce? They transfer the pollen between male and female counterparts of the beings of the plant kingdom to help them procreate. Or that the term “Queen Bee” which is used popularly to denote a woman who is the center of attention is derived from the social scenario of a honey bee hive? Simply put, there is one Queen Bee in each hive who is the center of attention of all the other worker bees and drones.

Apart from the fact that they are the only insects that provide humans with food, honeybees are closely linked to the wasp and ant family, but somehow they seem a whole lot cuddlier! Although honeybees do have a sting in their tail, they conjure up images of lazy summer days and amazing tasting honey.

The Sweetest Facts about Honey Bees

10 Fascinating Honey Bee Facts You Didn’t Know